'Uzungöl Cable Car' will change the fate of Uzungöl

Fettahoğlu The hotel owner, Sukru Fettahoglu, has an important mission in the ropeway project that will be founded in autumn

Fettahoğlu The hotel owner, the businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu, spoke about the Uzungöl Ropeway Project at the opening of the Alanya lift. Uzungol Ropeway Project Fettahoglu, which loads an important mission, said that the Uzungol cable car will change the destiny of Uzungol'un. “I have one ideal now. Fettahoğlu said, yaşayan Those who live in Uzungöl will be more happy and our region will earn more. Öl Şükrü Fettahoğlu, a tourism businessman, stated that they planned to train the Uzungöl Cable Car Project to the Ramadan Feast of the 2018 year. Since 2013 we have been dealing with official procedures in government offices. 2014 In February 14 we received all our state-related assets. Since that time, we are making preparations for laying down. Our plans to complete the 2017 / 1 and 50 / 1 related stations are about to be completed. After the 100 of October, the main teams of the ropeway company are coming. The finishing touches will be made and the contract will be signed. And if it happens, we're going to set the ground for this autumn. Our agreement with the cable car company is that we are planning to open two stations between the second station of Uzungol Haroskomlari and the second station ending in Meşebaşı. Sarıkaya Plateau X We plan to open the Sarıkaya Plateau station in the autumn of 16. Because we have work on the ski resort project here. We are planning to train this project in the skiing season. Bu Alanya Teleferik Project, which is the annual dream project in Alanya, has a great similarity with its ropeway project. The Alanya Cable Car Project has also been given a lot of hard work. It took 2018 years to get the permits. We're here to open and have this opening. We did a technical trip. Alanya Ropeway consists of 2018 meters and two stations. We traveled together and examined. Beautiful facility made up. But our facility is not such a facility. Our facility will be a facility with day trips, service areas, parks and living areas. Great investment. We plan to invest three or four times this investment. The money to be spent in the first place is 37 million Turkish Liras. Of course, this cost will increase further. Tabii

Fettahoğlu stated that they are happy to bring the biggest ropeway project of the Black Sea Region to Trabzon. Trabzon Currently the longest ropeway is in Bursa. 10 is km and consists of two stages. Ours is a stage and consists of three stations. The line distance is 3 bin 540 meters. The distance between the first station and the second station is 2 bin 300 meters. The distance between the second station and the third station is a thousand 240 meters. The sum is a distance of 3 thousand 540 meters. We aim to make a project with 58 cabin. At our second station, 12 has an area of ​​one thousand square meters. We plan our social facilities and parking facilities there. Sosyal Fettahoğlu stated that his main target was to remove the 9 bear in the tourism season in Uzungöl. But my effort and struggle is to bring Uzungol tourism to the moon 9. Tourism season in Uzungöl is 2,5-3 months. For some reason, 3,5 isn't even a month. It is our main goal to increase this to a minimum of 9 months. And we want to bring winter tourism to Uzungöl. We want to revive the remaining capacity of Uzungöl with the 7 bin bed. As of next year, this bed capacity will start to be filled since 2018. While we are doing a ropeway project with 58 cabin, we think that we will have a capacity of 12 thousand beds in the summer season, and we foresee a project that will answer this capacity. We are planning to work with at least 3 bin capacity in winter. What the future shows, of course, we will live and see it. Our dreams, our goals and our ideals are like that. Hay

Fettahoğlu believes that the Uzungöl Ropeway Project will change the fate of the region in absolute terms. In Uzungöl, then tourism will be seated, prices will be seated and service quality will also sit. Because most Russians will come to our foresight. In winter, Russian tourism will fill it. Turkey also has a study commissioned by the Austrian company DOKA. They worked for three years. They divided the region into A and B. Area A; It is the part of the Kaçkars, which continues until Ovit. The region B is the Soğanlı Mountain and its skirts. According to this study, our region is a great ski resort. It has a magnificent valley with an 3 km track from the hill. I hope that the fate of the region will change with the hand of the state. But our goal and our ideal is to keep the winter of 2018 full of Uzungöl. Imiz Fettahoğlu also thanked those who contributed to this project, F There are people who have contributed to this project. I was able to get this project from 2 year 9 in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mehmet Özhaseki, Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan, General Director of Nature Preservation Kemalettin Cengiz Tekinsoy, Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu, Undersecretary Akif Özkaldı'ya, Thank you very much. They have a lot of work on this project. The former National Parks 12, now the Bursa Regional Director. I would like to thank Regional Manager Mustafa Bulut. They have great efforts. We're grateful to whoever has labor. I'm 75 as a businessman. My only ideal is to see that the lift works. I'm struggling for Uzungöl to be happy and come to the place it deserves. I want the area to win. Apart from that, we don't have much expectation. Bun

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