UTİKAD 3. Workshop on Working Groups

International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association UTIKAD'in, the sector's working group of Working Groups held the third 17 October 2017 was held on Tuesday.

The workshop, where 2017 activities of UTIKAD Working Groups were shared with the members and the road map of 2018 for the logistics sector was drawn, attracted great attention from the members of UTIKAD.

This year, UICAD's Third Working Group Workshop was held at Elite World Europe Hotel on 17 October 2017 with the participation of UTIADAD members. The event started with the opening speech of UTIKAD Chairman Emre Eldener. The activities of the Airway, Highway, Sea, Rail and Intermodal and Customs and Warehouse Working Groups were explained.

The activities of UTIKAD Working Groups in 2017 were shared with the members of the Working Groups by evaluating the needs of the logistics sector in the face of the institutions and developing suggestions for the development of the Turkish logistics sector.

Delivering the opening speech of the workshop, UTIKAD Executive Board Chairman Emre Eldener; “Our working groups sohbet has been continuing its functions for years as the sector bodies that are looking for professional solutions for these problems. In national and international platforms; "It sheds light on the path of not only UTIKAD members, but also the players and stakeholders of the Turkish logistics industry, by revealing important data on the maturation and development of business processes in the sector.

Tay This workshop also provides an important opportunity for us to present the next year's road map. I hope that we will determine what topics should be mentioned in 2018 at the end of the workshop, which will be shared with the public and the sector, which will be discussed, discussed in the working groups, shared with the public and the sector, at the end of the workshop which will be shared with us. Bir

In the context of the opening speech, Mr. Eldener also gave a presentation on the future of the logistics sector. 10 will be working as a software-informatics company, not as a transporter. Industry should closely follow the effects of 4.0 and business practices should be applied, yap he said.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Eldener thanked the Working Group Presidents and Working Group members for their valuable efforts and efforts.

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Emre Eldener also served as the moderator of the Working Groups Workshop UTIKAD General Manager Cavit Ugur, the formation of the study groups, the working process explained the process of the workshop participants. Cavit Uğur stated that the working groups are the kitchen of UTIKAD and said: çalış UTIKAD Working Groups evaluates many issues and development areas related to our sector both in public and in the sector with their meetings held at least once a month throughout the year. forwarding to platforms. Throughout the workshop, we will try to answer the questions in your mind and determine what we should work in the sector next year. Ağ Uğur also requested an interactive participation from all participants.

In the workshop, where UTIKAD Working Group Presidents took the floor in turn, İbrahim Dölen, the Chairman of the Railway and Intermodal Working Group, took the floor. Dölen, the prominent topics of the Railway Working Group in 2017, DD – Organizer Authorization Certificate Applications of Firms Holding R2 Authorization Certificate, Incentives for Intermodal Transport, Transfer of Customs Processes in Intermodal Transports to Electronic Environment, High Costs Encountered in Intermodal Terminals, Refugee Problem and Railway He informed the participants about the 'Coordination Board Studies'. İbrahim Dölen said, “It is an important issue for our industry, especially with the removal of the obligation to pay the authorization certificate fee during the DD - Organizer Authorization Certificate Applications of the Firms Holding the R2 Authorization Certificate. kazanI was revealed. We have saved our companies with R2 Authorization Certificate from a cost of 50 thousand liras”.

After Dölen, Cihan Yusufi, the President of UTIKAD Maritime Working Group, took his place in the rostrum. Yusufi, Maritime Affairs Group's 2017 agenda items, 'Demurrage Charges and Non-Withdrawal Loads, DBA Notification Process Problems, Summary Declaration Periods and Summary Declarations, GTIP Information, International Line Services, Assessments, Port Operations and Interviews with Shipowners' Representatives, Participants 'Visits and Participated Meetings' gave information about the participants. Yusufi, who mentioned that the studies carried out throughout the year are of great importance for the sector players, gave the message ığ We will continue our work as UTİKAD Yıl. Yusufi, who explained that the Untapped Cargo Guide prepared by the working group was also communicated to the members, stated that this study will be continued and updated continuously.

Following the Cihan Yusufi Airline Working Group President Mehmet Özal, ulu Turkish Cargo and UTIKAD Joint Workshop which are the agenda items of the working group, al UTİKAD Writing on the Conversion of AHL Cargo Office Rents from US Dollars to TL ardından, Works on e-AWB System, UTİKAD'in New Airport Duty-Free Warehouse Management Project, Settlement Fees, Dangerous Goods Awareness Training, IFACP, Visits and Sectoral Meetings' issues in detail told the participants. In 2018, he underlined that the sectoral issues will be followed closely.

Ekin Tırman, Head of Highway Working Group, presented in his presentation Kap Draft of Road Transport Regulations, Failure to Collect Highway Tolls and Traffic Fines from Vehicles with Foreign License, Weight Limits of Vehicles on Highways, Long Vehicle Tails in Kapıkule Border Gate, Dangerous Goods Safety Karayolu Consultant Employment, 2017 Year FIATA Road WG Meetings, Meetings and Participated Meetings' shared his views and development. . We will be a follower of many issues that have challenged our sector for many years. In order to explain our problems in detail, we will continue our face-to-face visits with the authorities Sor.

The final presentation of the workshop was held by Rıdvan Haliloğlu, President of Customs and Warehouse Working Group. In his presentation, Mr. Haliloğlu, in addition to the studies of the New Customs Law, 'Studies on the Facilitation of Trade, Work on the Transportation Companies' to Work with the Customs Brokers, Works on the Opening of the Warehouse', Authorized Economic

He explained to the members of UTİKAD in detail the following topics: Operator Status Handouts, Liquidation Handbook, Collaboration with Other Working Groups, Sectoral Meetings and Visits. Rıdvan Haliloğlu emphasized that the developments in the Trade Facilitation Board are of great importance both for the logistics sector and the development of our country.

UTIADAD Working Groups Workshop ended with President Emre Eldener's speech after receiving the suggestions of the members and answering the questions that should be put on the agenda in 2018.

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