Uraysim Project Continues at Full Speed

Rector of Anadolu University Dr. Naci Gündoğan stated that there are no problems related to the National Rail Systems Research and Testing Center (URAYSİM) project, which is being carried out in Alpu district and discussed in recent days, and that the works are continuing.

The area where URAYSİM Project is going to take place is based on the coal license area in Alpu and this situation has been a significant obstacle to the thermal power plant project. It was even claimed that the URAYSİM project was in danger of being displaced or shifted from its designated location to another area. Turkey Coal Enterprises General Directorate by the URAYS project of that correspondence related to the removal of the coal license areas in Alpu said.

Rector of Anadolu University, clarifying the subject. Dr. Gündoğan stated that the project was underway and the cancellation was not in question. Rector Gündoğan said, an On a news story published in a newspaper yesterday, we sent the necessary explanation, but I think it is not well understood. I want to express that with clarity. There are no problems with the project. The cancellation is out of the question. The project is walking. Of course we can say the following articles. Within the scope of the coal basin and thermal power plant project, there have been some correspondence among the universities. It was stated that only a small conflict occurred between our high speed train test route and route. The two institutions agreed to sit mutually on the point of mutual mutual decision. If necessary, a small revision can be made in a section of the high-speed train test path. This is not a situation that will require the cancellation of the project. Just one of the project's business packages. At the moment, our already existing building is walking. It will end at the growth point and probably in the summer months. Büy

Or Gündoğan, 16 As of November, we are also making a tender for test devices. Required procurement processes are completed. Then we will start the construction of our test path with the conventional line. The construction of our high-speed train test path already exists in our upcoming 2 annual program. In this process we will make the necessary revisions and the project will take place. So there is nothing to do with the cancellation of the project. The project is walking. There is only a small revision of one of the work packages. I want to inform the public about it. We do not have any problems related to URAYSİM project. There is only a small overhaul in one of the business packages. That's what it's all about.

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