Ümraniye Metro 1 Opens in Month

Mayor Mevlüt Uysal, who examined the Üsküdar Square Arrangement Works together with the members of the press, heralded that the work will be completed within 6 months and that the part of Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Metro will be opened within one month.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlut Uysal, press members in Üsküdar construction works in the construction of the construction of the square was found. Uskudar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen and IBB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı also took part in the tour.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) stated that there are 1165 construction sites in the city. Ş The works of our affiliated companies are as follows: a larger structure if its works are included. What are being done on the construction sites in the districts, to see on-site to see the district mayors, district governors, local government representatives and with muhtars.


Mevlüt Uysal stated that Üsküdar square arrangement was under construction for some time. Dar Üsküdar-Ümraniye Metro Line continued to be Üsküdar after Ümraniye. He suffers his torment. But there is definitely a comfort in return for every inconvenience. If there are any studies in the coming period, there is such a benefit, Bu he said.

Uysal said that Marmaray was opened long ago and that the Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Metro, which is still under construction, is about to be completed. “I am guessing our Üsküdar-Ümraniye Metro until the Cakmak Stop, we will be opening in the next 1 month. Trial drives have been completed, certificates are about to be obtained. The arrangement of this square will be completed afterwards. Then Üsküdar Square will really be a square. During the transition of our Üsküdar citizens to Eminönü, they used this square while boarding the ferry. In this square, there was a circulation of 50-60 thousand density per day, but after Marmaray and after Ümraniye Üsküdar Metro, a daily capacity of 220 thousand will occur as per our calculations. This is of course a density that will increase to 300-350 thousand in the beginning. For this reason, the square arrangement is important. ”


Uysal recalled that about a thousand square meters of expansion work was carried out by driving the stakes to the sea because it is not enough with the old area of ​​the square. Bin This intensive circulation required a large space. Although it is something we do not approve, we do when we are forced to expand towards our seas in this regard. This was done in Üsküdar. Is it necessary to expand the front of the Asparagus Mosque? The arrangement of this square is an arrangement that completely covers the Uskudar Coast from Harem to Beylerbeyi Palace. When we look at it like this after the end of this arrangement, our citizens go to the direction of harem from the direction of Beylerbeyi if you can navigate comfortably along the coast. In the evening, children should take a shape that can comfortably move around the family. When we look at this issue, the great master architect Mimar Sinan is called. We have to produce a solution for not obstructing the passing of our citizens here like closed streets. The project, which was started with the stakes in front, was approved by the council of monuments, but when the discussion about the damage caused by the piles was on the agenda, we are now planning the passage of the area in front of this mosque not only with the piles but also with the dubas as a transition route of the citizens. After the places where the piles are finished, our citizens will be able to go to the other side without interruption. Ik


Asparagus Mosque to the Harem in the region of the coastal arrangement project, indicating that Uysal, after the completion of the regulation of the flow of traffic and the citizens will relax, the Tower of the Girl from the Üsküdar easily watch, the family of Istanbulites can benefit from the beauty of the coast, he said.

Uysal stated that they will clean all the illegal buildings without harming the harem beach, ecek This will be the end date of May, June. But before it will open our Ümraniye metron. Of course we have another project. The project that has been done before the Marmaray project together with the challenge project is to eliminate the height of the chimneys and reduce the level to the level of the project. We are discussing these with our ministry. When they are solved, Üsküdar Square will be really a challenge if the middle chimney height is removed in the next process. A challenge of about 80 thousand square meters. Marmaray and Umraniye metro line will be met here. Our old Üsküdar ferries will continue here as well. Bizim


Chairman of the Mevlüt Uysal said that they have completed the infrastructure works in the square in order to prevent the unification of Üsküdar beach with the sea due to the flood in heavy rain. Burada While the rain water lines just below the square have been completed, it is possible to climb up to the square where the rain water lines from above are formed, since there are troubles in the municipality building and the places above. ISKI is doing his work. By the time the parade is over, There are also a few working models. ISKI maybe completely up the top of the collector or the tunnel with the tunnel immediately from here to the Harem side of the transition will provide a solution. In the following period, when the Üsküdar Square ends, it will not be a situation where our citizens will experience discomfort when it rains. Sonraki

Emphasizing that they will continue to provide beautiful services to Istanbul in the coming period, Mevlüt Uysal said, al Istanbulites always agree on this issue and yes, Büyükşehir is doing great works. There's no problem. But from time to time these problems can be co-ordinated troubles. God willing, we will complete the job without the coordination of the coordination. The simplest example is Umraniye Uskudar Metro Line, but we have not yet completed our challenge project, I would like to ask, Üsküdarlılar would have asked, Istanbullular would like to end on the same date, the beauty of the square descending from the subway to see the city began here. There is a monthly deviation of about 3-5. We say that deviations will not hope. I would like to thank Istanbuls, I hope that we will live together in the next process beauty, ediy he said.

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