TÜVASAŞ Contracted Recruitment Regulation Published

TCDD depends on Turkey Wagon Industry filed civil servants recruitment regulations. TÜVASAŞ contract engineer personnel recruitment exam and assignment issues were determined by regulations.

TCDD depends on Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) to be Employed at the National Railway Project Contract Engineers about Examination Regulations and Appointments has been published. 27 October In 2017 published in the Official Gazette, the regulations and procedures regarding the recruitment of the personnel to be contracted to the contracted engineer position were determined. Accordingly, the candidates will first have to meet the general requirements set out in Article 399 of the Decree Law no. 7. In addition, according to the need to graduate from the engineering departments mentioned in the announcement of the application will be required. Candidates will have to have the minimum score to be specified in the announcement. KPSS requirement is expected to be determined as 3 or 60.

TCDD-dependent operating in Turkey Wagon Industry to contract engineers purchases to be made under the National Railway Project will consist of two test stages. According to the regulations, candidates will be employed after written and oral entrance exams. This regulation may be seen as a signal for the reception of public personnel of TCDD 1118, which is expected to be released soon. Click here for the full text of the regulation.

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