Environmentalist Operation on Konak Tram Line, "Green Road"

The tram projects realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to improve environmental, economic and comfortable transportation will come to the fore with its green texture. Karşıyaka Metropolitan Municipality, which creates a "green road" by laying 24 thousand square meters of grass between the rails on the line, will also lay 35 thousand square meters of grass on the Konak Tram line. Tramway grass will be irrigated with a subsurface drip irrigation system.

The works of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality tram project that will bring new breath to the urban transportation are in full swing. 8.8 kilometers Karşıyaka Taking the tram into service, the Metropolitan Municipality is working intensely to finish the Konak Tram line. Green texture is also given great importance in the projects.

Greater, 24 formed by thousand square meters of grass area Karşıyaka Following the tram line, the Tram green road ”application started between the rails on the Konak Tram line. This application of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which will lay grass on a total area of ​​21 thousand square meters at 35 centimeter depth in the Konak line, is also appreciated by the citizens. Teams began to work from Üçkuyular Pier, the sea side of the area extending to the Göztepe Bridge has been laid in the grass. The teams who completed their work on Liman Street and Gazi Boulevard continue their works between Üçkuyular and Mithatpaşa Street.

Sub-surface drip system

A total of 59 thousand square meters of grass area is created on both tram lines of Izmir. A special study is being carried out to make the grass more bushy, greener and economical to maintain. First of all, the area to be laid with grass is filled with pumice stone. The subsurface drip irrigation system is fixed with geotextile material. A special mixture of soil is laid under the lawn. During the day when the tram is running, the grass is irrigated under the ground with drip irrigation. Thus, both water and labor savings are achieved. There are springs at the edges of the lines for washing the grass from time to time.



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