Traffic arrangement for Köseköy Bridge Interchange

In line with the decision taken by the Transportation and Traffic Regulatory Commission of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality (UTDK), 18 will conduct traffic arrangements at Köseköy crossroads and some roads due to 2017 October XNUMX as the manufacturing work will be carried out within the scope of N Köseköy Bridge Interchange Construction Work Kocaeli. The routes of the public transport vehicles running on the existing roads were temporarily given to alternative routes until the end of the work for the citizens not to have problems.


At the Köseköy crossroads of the vehicles driving from the Atakan Street to D-100, the vehicles which were driving at the Köşeköy junction were closed to the north turn (Dumluğınar Mah.) At Köseköy. Turn to the direction of Izmit direction and turn to the north direction (Dumlupinar Mah.), Nur Street to D-100'ya vehicles looking at the crossroads Köseköy; He took decisions on the direction of Izmit towards the southern (station of Mahmoud) direction and the closure of the transition to Ankara direction. UTDK also stated that the public transportation vehicles operating on this road and related roads could use the Sabancı Street and Hürriyet street and there could be various changes with the guidance of the Metropolitan Transportation teams according to the need in the field.


In accordance with the decision taken by UTDK, 210 Number Line buses (Kartepe Bld. - Alikahya - Public Works - Umuttepe) will use the route of Hürriyet Avenue, Kantar Street, Mobesko Köprülü Intersection and Sabancı Street from the date of 18 October 2017. The decision of this change on the line of passengers traveling on line 210, transport will be provided without interruption.

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