They want to finish the fish market!

Fish Market tradesmen located in the center of Izmit are in great trouble recently. Faced with the problem of parking for the movement of market trades do not move the authorities, waiting for trades to close the shutters!

The Fish Market, located in Izmit Halkevi, has a historical importance for the city. Fishermen who serve the people of the region for many years are the address of fresh and cheap fish. Especially in the region, which started with the fishing season in 1 September, tram works started a while ago. The shortage of fishermen, who suffered from construction problems, grew even more when the tram began to serve. There is not a single car park near the Fish Market. Citizens who want to buy fish can not provide transportation to the region by means of large shopping malls, hypermarkets are captured.

As it will be remembered, after the Municipality of İzmit handed over the place of the Fish Market in Halkevi to SSI, the removal of the existing Fish Market shops became definite. The owners of the 8 shop at the current Fish Market discussed the location with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Karaosmanoğlu and agreed on the area to be moved. Metropolitan Municipality, Kumkapi Fish Restaurants on the beach where the area of ​​Salim Dervişoğlu Street 600 square meter area has designated the new Fish Market place, but after this meeting no steps were taken. Fish Market trades 1 has been striving to stand since September. The capacity of the market has dropped considerably due to the citizens who cannot come to the market area with their vehicles. Authorities should find a solution to this issue as soon as possible. Both 8 should not be made from artisan bread and the city people should not be deprived of fresh and cheap fish.

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