Marsh Signature to Turkey Biggest Infrastructure Projects

Marsh, consisting of experts over 600 "Global Infrastructure Investments Team" with Turkey as well as in 130 country continues to signing the largest infrastructure projects.

Marsh Insurance, which carries out the investment or operation period of dozens of projects from the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge to Istanbul New Airport, the Eurasia Tunnel to the Marmaray Project, has so far mediated the 105 billion dollar insurance transaction. Marsh CEO Hakan Kayganac of Turkey, "infrastructure investments in Turkey gained momentum in recent years. As Marsh, we provide world-class risk consultancy and insurance services with the 25 years of experience of the Marsh Infrastructure Investments Global Team in these projects. Bu

Center located in the US Marsh & McLennan Group of Companies, the world's leading insurance brokerage and risk management company providing services under the umbrella of Marsh Insurance, experience the world continues to move to Turkey. In the 130 than one country, "Marsh Global Infrastructure Investments Team" by providing world-class risk consulting and insurance services for investment in infrastructure Marsh, Turkey also has signed the largest infrastructure projects. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge from Istanbul's 3. Airport Eurasian Bridge Tunnel from Osmangazi up dozens of projects located in Marsh broker in Turkey, 105 billion dollars in total so far to mediate the insurance operations.


Among these projects, Istanbul New Airport Project is the largest construction phase. The world's biggest projects include a new airport located in Istanbul Turkey Project Marsh, investment period took place as a broker. Marsh Turkey, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project also found as a broker of investment periods. In the project of Osman Gazi Bridge and Gebze-Izmir Motorway, Marsh is the brokerage agent of the business period and he has mediated the project against the risks like terror, natural disaster, earthquake and fire. Marsh Turkey, Eurasia Tunnel, both in the construction phase and the operational phase was an intermediary for the insurance operations. The other projects of Marsh's brokerage are as follows: Investment period broker at the Galataport Project, investment term broker in city hospitals projects in Adana, Yozgat, Bursa, Elazığ, Kocaeli and İzmir and investment broker in Marmaray Project.


Turkey Hakan Kayganac CEO of Marsh, the world over 100 years experience said it was a source of pride for them to take part in these projects. Kayganacı, şekil Risks in the world continue to increase significantly. In order to ensure optimum risk transfer, it is very important to obtain in-depth risk profiles of projects or assets, and to allocate the risks both retrospectively and prospectively between project participants. We provide world-class risk consultancy and insurance services with our Marsh Infrastructure Investments Global Team consisting of more than one expert team from 600. Marsh, which is aware of the unique risks of investors and creditors as well as the construction and public sectors that act together in many infrastructure projects, helps customers to reduce their income flow volatility and help them to reorganize the capital, reducing the risks of project or investment, improving and better managing them. Birçok

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