Ankara-Izmir YHT Line Test Drive Begins at 2018

Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Line test starts at 2018. The project will take 14 hour by 3.5 hour to XNUMX hour.

14 km between Ankara and Izmir, which takes 824 hours by road, will go down to 3.5 with Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Line which is at the stage of completion. The speed of the project is now in the test phase. The first tests of the Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train Line will start in 2018. The project with a total budget of 4.9 billion pounds will carry its first passengers from 2019.


Thanks to the line connecting Izmir and Manisa, Uşak and Afyonkarahisar on its route to Ankara, the 824 km road between Ankara and İzmir will be reduced to 624 km. Thanks to the shortening distance and the technology speed of the High Speed ​​Train, the 14-hour Ankara-Izmir journey will be completed in 3.5 hours.

34 million people used

According to the data, the confidence and preference of the citizen on the fast train is growing exponentially. Currently, a total of 34 million people have benefited from the High Speed ​​Train service in Ankara-Eskişehir-İstanbul, Ankara-Konya and Konya-Eskişehir-Istanbul lines.

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