TCDD is not a municipality but a subway that leads to the reaction of citizens in Kütahya

The invoice of TCDD underpasses which could not be made in Kütahya came to Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu. Citizens, the roads are not satisfied with the municipality because the goods are talking. The Mayor was also very uncomfortable with this situation:: The bill should not come to us. Belediye


The citizen was complaining about the situation, as the work for the underpass to the entrance and exit of Kütahya was prolonged. Citizens who cut the bill for the work of the municipality, the source of the problem Kutahya Municipality believes. However, there were technical problems related to the project in the tender and studies carried out by TCDD Regional Directorate. Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu, who said that the TCDD's bill was cut off to overcome these problems, said, inden There is a great injustice against us. Our citizens think we are doing the underpasses. Vat


In We completed the tender of our channel project, ih said Saraçoğlu. We are giving an investment of 35 million pounds in Kütahya. Our channel project will be 6 meter wide 30 meter wide. There will be cafes, entertainment and recreation places in the canal with gondolas. In addition to our investments, there are also shortcomings. We're trying to complete these shortcomings. But the wrongness of TCDD should not be billed to us. Our citizens for some reason accepts us as interlocutors. This is a very wrong situation. Bu

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