Service wagon burned, passengers took images broadcast from social media

A person in Adana shot the fire that broke out in additional passenger wagons with a mobile phone camera and broadcast it live on the social networking site and made an announcement.

According to information obtained, the incident occurred in the neighborhood of Seyhan, Kurtuluş. Additional passenger wagons found in Garda appeared as fire for an unknown reason. Workers who saw this situation immediately told the fire crews. Fire crews rushed the two wagons to the scene. Meanwhile, curious citizens began to display the fire with their mobile phones. After a while, the firefighters came to intervene in the fire and prevented the flames from growing further.

One person did not only view the fire with his cell phone camera and broadcast live on social media. During the live broadcast, he also made an announcement and told the event. Upon the questions of individual press members, “I am broadcasting live from my Facebook address. "I am broadcasting live so that my friends can see the fire." After a while, firefighters took the fire under control. The police started a study on why the fire broke out.

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