Solar Panels of SAMULAŞ Building Earned 130 Thousand Tl Per Year

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has been generating energy revenue of 130 thousand TL from solar panels installed on the roof of the rail system service building.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality directs renewable energy sources in energy consumption and produces electricity from solar energy. Within the scope of the X Renewable Financial Support Program ehir of the Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, SAMULAŞ A.Ş. Thousands of photovoltaic panels (solar panels) were installed in the thousand 2 square meters of the roof of the Service Building. Thanks to 400-600 kW / h electrical energy generating system, 600 is worth TL thousand annually. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of the 650 household.

Providing information about the electricity generation plant Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Electricity and Lighting Branch Manager Mehmet Çamaş, ve The area where solar panels are located, the roof of the service building of SAMULAŞ A. Ş. We have adopted the idea of ​​equipping the roofs of the service buildings of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality with renewable energy in recognition of what we can do with this consciousness and responsibility by realizing that we are living in the age of information technologies and energy. While looking at the questions about how we can increase social awareness by increasing our environmental awareness, we have evaluated the roof of the SAMULAŞ building, which is one of the most suitable places in terms of space and project. Here, we have established a photovoltaic power plant (solar power generation power plant) with the installed capacity of 250 kVp. In the 18 2016 in September 1, we took over the temporary acceptance of TEDAŞ General Directorate. For the XNUMX years, we are actively operating this plant. X


Mehmet Çamaş underlined that 130 thousand TL has been achieved in the year thanks to the electricity generation plant built on the roof. X Here, we have a thousand photovoltaic panels that generate energy in the vicinity of 400 TL (600-650 kW / h). 8 converts thousands of photovoltaic panels into electricity that can be used in the distribution network. We have around 30 kW inverters, a transformer with 400 kW power, our power transmission infrastructure and similar installations. We are producing electricity with increasing performance for nearly 1 years. Although the sunshine seismicity of the seasons has an impact on regional climatic conditions, in the 1 yearly production process, we produced an electricity generation of 240 thousand TL in response to the energy production of approximately 130 thousand kW per hour. This electricity generation has the capacity to meet the electricity consumption of the 100 household, which consumes an average of 110 liras. Increasing this performance is also proportional to the sunbathing rate of the region. Bu


Emphasizing that the facility will pay off itself in the 7 year with its annual earnings, Çamaş said, ini We, considering the impact of environmental factors on the social life under the leadership of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, do not forget that we live in the energy age and continue their energy investments. Related to this, renewable energy work in the new buildings, roofs and land-related activities are continuing to do. There is another feature of this study that we made on the roof of SAMULAŞ service building. As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, we signed the first renewable electricity production plant in the Black Sea Region. After launching the electricity production application on the roof, other metropolitan and provincial municipalities, especially district municipalities, began to gather information about these studies. We provide information about our guests to our guests. Leading us in energy infrastructure and renewable energy works gives us honor. The monetary amount of the investment we made here was around 1 million TL. 59 million 1 thousand TL in return for investment, the average 59 thousand TL revenue per year, considering the fact that we have made an investment in 130 year may think that it pays off, X he said.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality wants to open its renewable energy resource generation facilities in other places.



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