After that vehicle hit the tram in Samsun ...

15 days ago after a car hit the tram in Atakum Yeni Mahalle, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality teams started to make speed bumps at the intersections where the tram level crossings are located to prevent accidents.

30 September 2017 Saturday night Atakum district in the neighborhood of the neighborhood of the new driver's driving at night, lost control of the vehicle by entering the tramway at that time was waiting for a tram at the stop. With the impact of the collision, the tram derailed. It took hours to remove the tram from the rail and to reopen the road.

To prevent such accidents again, teams belonging to the Department of Science Affairs of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality started to take precautions at the locations where tram level crossings are located. Vehicles to enter the tramway level crossings to slow down their speed to the roads connected to the crossing of the stone crusher bumps are made. In addition, the number of warning plates on the roads connected to the passageways is increased.

According to the information obtained, the first of the junction of the new neighborhood of the bumps in order to make all the intersections in the tram level.

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