Giant parking lot for 600 vehicles near Keçiören subway

600 car park will be built next to Keçiören Municipality and subway and will be in service at 2018. Indicating that the metron will be used more actively thanks to the car park, President Ak said,, Citizen will take his car to the parking lot and take the subway. Sayesinde

900, which has a population of about 5 thousands, has been waiting for years with a great longing. To increase the use of Keçiören Metro to the Kızılay and Esenboğa Airport by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Keçiören Municipality will build a giant parking lot for 600 vehicles in Kalaba Square. With the Build-Operate-Transfer model and the completed car park, it is aimed that the citizens pull their vehicles to the park and turn to the metro.

The car park, which will be connected to Keçiören Municipality, will also hit the region's parking problem. SABAH Mayor of Kecioren Mustafa Ak, speaking to Ankara, said, em We need to be able to build car parks on the subway route so that we can use our metro for more rent. The parking lot we will build behind the municipality will also serve this. The future citizen will take his car to the parking lot and board his subway. By Metro, he will go to his destination and take his car from the parking lot again. If we can establish this transportation network, public transport will be much more attractive. Bu

Ak, stating that the car park will be opened in 2018, Dev This will be built with Build-Operate-Transfer model and 600 vehicle capacity. This car park will greatly relax the traffic of Kecioren. In fact, we should be able to use the Metro very actively in Ankara. We should use special vehicles up to where to go. One of the reasons why public transport is more convenient is that such transport sites must be accessible and easy to use. We will open this car park towards the end of the year 2018 Bu.

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