Osmangazi the 8 million vehicles pass through the toll bridge people of Turkey will pay!

Last 13 months to go through the Osmangazi Bridge "guarantee" is the 14 6 million vehicles exceed the treasury million vehicle passing money so thick in 8 million people of Turkey will pay. Power, which does not benefit from the looting of state resources; Osmangazi Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, third bridge, not only destroyed the northern jungles of the Third Airport and the North Marmara Highway project, mega-cities of end of life resources such as Istanbul and Izmit to create a surplus supply which has opened the way for the northern jungles towards growth.

Bülent Sarıoğlu'nun Hurriyet, according to the General Directorate of Highways, CHP Istanbul Deputy Honorary Adıgüzel'in Prime Ministry Communication Center (BIMER) upon the application of the Osmangazi Bridge and connecting roads announced the monthly data of 13.

11 used 2016 million 2017 thousand 7 cars equivalent to 662 105 by July 2016 in July 194. 776 income of the bridge and connecting roads, 117 was million 12 thousand 14 pounds. CHP Adıgüzel, build-operate-transfer project in the 600 monthly balance sheet, guaranteed 8 million XNUMX thousand car equivalent of half of the transition does not even found, stating that the cost of XNUMX million vehicles will be met from the Treasury, he said.


tolls for cars in Osmangazi Bridge, vans and 65 pounds 65 penny for minibuses, second-class minibuses, 105 pounds 5 penny for vans and buses, 124 pounds 70 penny for third-class bus, 165 pounds 40 cent for the fourth grade trucks, fifth grade 208 for 75 lira for trucks and 45 lira for motorcycles are being applied as 95 penny. State-of-the-vehicle guarantees for companies operating the bridge and connecting roads are calculated on the equivalent wage. Highways, through BİMER "According to the contract 'bridge and the sum of the revenues derived from all tolls on the freeway, the guaranteed number of vehicles on the difference between the case of low-income calculated money will be paid to officials the company from the general budget' agents are paid once a year in accordance with" gave the information.


According to the information, Osmangazi Bridge in the July 2016 1 502 thousand million free 420, 312 607 thousand paid, in August 2016 482 222 thousand, in September 2016 476 567 thousand, in October 2016 302 86 thousand, November 2016 'thousand in 278 743, 2016 thousand at December 271 671, 2017 thousand in January 380 814, 2017 thousand in February 408 856, 2017 thousand in March 483 885, 2017 thousand in April 546 444, 2017 May 649 bin 327, 2017 bin 698 in June 352 and July 2017 868 thousand 111 car equivalent vehicles passed. Accordingly, 13 used 7 million 662 thousand 105 automobile equivalent vehicles in the 2016 bridge and connecting roads. 6 194 776 117 million XNUMX thousand XNUMX pounds per month.

Adıgüzel with CHP emphasized that the vehicle-equivalent vehicle warranty from the bridge is 40 thousand per year, the 14 million 600 thousand per year, but the 12 6 159 685 8 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX per month. Adıgüzel, ın XNUMX over a million vehicles in the pocket of the citizen's money again. That is, the citizen will not pay the price of the service will not pay pocket, talep he said.

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