Statement Regarding Public Transport Hike From Kayseri Ukome

Ferhat Bingöl, Head of Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems, made a statement regarding the arrangements made in public transportation fees. Bingol, the Metropolitan Municipality to make profits from public transport to make a wage arrangement, he said.

Ferhat Bingöl, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department, said: “There has been a need to make some statements about the criticisms and reactions to UKOME's regulations on public transportation fees and to correct the information pollution. The latest regulation on the public transportation fees of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality was made on 21.02.2016. However, in the arrangement made on that date, 35 boarding, student and full subscription card applications were started for the 50 day period and these cards were not affected by the increase in fees. Consequently, the fee increase for subscriber card holders who are constantly using public transport was last made in 15 June 2014. As a result, a more detailed arrangement was made about 3,5 years later.

During the period since the last regulation, there has been a significant increase in the cost items of public transportation operations, particularly fuel, maintenance and labor. The operators' request to re-adjust ticket prices has not been included in the UKOME agenda for a long time. During this period, hike requests were continuously rejected and these demands were not met by the 50 kurus support municipality budget per student ticket. The total amount of one-year support received from the budget of our municipality was 23 million TL.

In particular, a detailed study on the increase in fuel and other expense items was made and it became necessary to regulate public transport ticket prices. In the last 20 monthly period, the increase in diesel prices was% 37,32, the increase in maintenance costs was% 14,08, the increase in labor costs was% 7,89 and the average increase in costs was% 26,36.

The metropolitan municipality was able to overcome this increase in costs with the new public transportation payment system model introduced during the year 2017; however, new regulations have become obligatory in the process. With the new regulation, the average increase in public transport fare tariffs was 14,5%. Aphakic discourses such as 80 are unrealistic. In addition, the 50 boarding ticket that we have issued for students who use the public transportation vehicles has remained the same as 115 kurus per ticket and was not affected by the increase.

It is the desire and desire of all of us to provide a service that our citizens use every day, such as public transportation, for the lowest fee. However, the service must be of high quality and comfortable. In addition, public buses in our public transport network, apart from our rail system and municipal buses, are commercial enterprises and we need to look at the issue accordingly. In addition to this, the Metropolitan Municipality is expecting a profit while making this arrangement. One of the most important expenditure items of our budget is public transport investments and expenses. Metropolitan Municipality is a service municipality and strives to provide the best service to the people of Kayseri. However, it should be kept in mind that the fact that our municipality causes serious damages in public transportation will affect investment and services. ”

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