Nostalgic tramway ready in Düzce

While the questionnaire is planned for whether Istanbul Street will be opened to traffic or not, the nostalgic tram produced by a company in Denizli has been completed.

Turkey's first tram was designed by blending technology with nostalgia for Duzce produced with minimum energy is produced in order to get the maximum benefit was reported.

The tram has 21 passenger capacity, but it is learned that the number can be increased up to 50, while the Tram will be controlled in both directions. Thanks to the sensors located in front of any people or vehicles, the tram will stop automatically by reducing its speed.

Denizli entrepreneurs Tahir Ozturk, the following information about the tram Duzce they produce for the first time in Turkey was passed: "Our technology is designed by blending nostalgia with products manufactured in order to get the maximum benefit with minimum energy. 15 part of the energy required by the solar panels on the cover. In this way, our renewable energy source can benefit from the sun itself can produce its own energy. It also supports battery charging with regenerative energy, which converts kinetic energy to electrical energy when braking. In case the battery is discharged, diesel fuel is put into action in order to keep the tram on the road. Ak



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