Motorized Inspection from the Traffic Police in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has breathed in the city traffic with physical investments such as rail and wire system, new roads, bridges and intersections, has put motorized traffic officers on the main routes in order to discipline the traffic and accelerate the flow.

Mayor Recep Altepe, 5 motorcycle officer now on the main route between Kestel Görükle will be patrolled on the main route 15 new motorcycle will soon reach the number of 20 said.

In order to be a accessible city in every area of ​​Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out the railway system, urban ropeway lines, bridges and intersections, new roads and road widening works rapidly, puts emphasis on auditing studies in order to put the traffic under way. President Altepe stressed that they will take active duty at the checkpoint as the Metropolitan Municipality, who expressed that they promised to provide the necessary support in the urban traffic and that they will receive additional 10 full equipped motorcycles. For this purpose, the new 5 motorcycle motorized traffic officer expressing that they have taken into service Altepe, traffic police, traffic police will work in coordination with the said.

Traffic will be discipline
Reminding that they have dealt with urban traffic as a priority issue, President Altepe said that their investments such as viaduct, intersection, new roads, rail system and urban ropeway lines continued uninterruptedly. On the other hand, while the physical investments are continuing, on the other hand, underlining the fact that they have started auditing studies to discipline the urban traffic, President Altepe said, tan We are strengthening our traffic police. Our 5 motorcycle and police teams will take the patrol between Kestel and Görükle on the Izmir - Ankara road. Our teams will make the task necessary for ensuring fluidity in traffic, obeying the rules of the drivers and eliminating the elements that would endanger the traffic. We will do an extra 15 motorcycle purchase and our team of 20 motorcycles will conduct inspections in these regions. İlave

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