Surprise Surprise of Metrobus and Tram Passengers

Zeytinburnu Municipality, trying to catch up with Cevizlithe metropolitan metrobus and tram passengers met with asure at the stop. Satisfied with the surprise, the citizens continued to eat after eating their mash.

In order to share the abundance, abundance and beauty of Muharrem Bear, this time address of Zeytinburnu Municipality, which serves as an Xurex thousand people asure Cevizlithere was a bus stop for subway and tram. Zeytinburnu Mayor Murat Aydın, who served asure to the passengers who tried to catch up with his house, and the municipality officials served ashura to everyone passing through the station. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, apricots, figs, chickpeas, beans and pomegranates from the mixture of many of the citizens of the house to eat a few bowls did not neglect to take home.

Due to the Muharram month, Zeytinburnu Municipality, which offers asure in many points of the district, has served metropolis and tram stops, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, mosques and ashures in universities.



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