Mega swallowed the open budget in projects!

Treasury guarantees given to bridges such as the Eurasia Tunnel, Marmaray and Osmangazi Bridge and rents to be paid to city hospitals constitute 10 percent of the budget deficit.

Hurriyet Newspaper writer Uğur Gürses wrote in his article that the money to be paid for transportation projects and city hospitals with a treasury guarantee corresponds to the 10 of the budget deficit.

Here is the relevant section of Gurses' article:
In the 2018 budget, the element, which turns out to be as ambiguous as the old one, and which has taken its place as an important budget line; speak contingent liabilities contingent liabilities. Additional revenue from tax increases, such as MTV and VAT, will obviously be the source of payments to public commitments for motorways and bridges and city hospitals.

Ağbal, öd public private cooperation projects üler called the highway and bridges and the city hospitals are committed to payments; announced that the budget will be allocated a total of 6.2 billion TL appropriation. According to this; 2018 billion TL has been allocated for the 3.6 year in transportation projects and TL 2.6 for city hospitals.

While highways and bridges built with a model with a bad and low externality to the economy, the scales and the relevant public-pocket invoices of the guarantees given to the city hospitals are officially included in the budget; At the very beginning, their cost corresponds to 10 percent of the budget deficit for now. In the following years, this bill will increase further.

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