From Marmaray Excavations to Marmara Waters

Yenikapı 12 was replicated from the wooden ships in the Marmaray excavations. 1.200 years ago to represent the Marmara Sea in Turkey 12 Yenikapi traders abroad.

Yenikapı 12, one of the wooden vessels in the ancient port of Teodosius in Yenikapı during the Marmaray excavations, was made by archaeologists and ship engineers. Thousands of years ago 200 Yenikapı 12 trading in the Sea of ​​Marmara, Istanbul University Faculty Member. Dr. Ufuk Kocabas of Turkey will be represented with projects implemented abroad.

One of the largest shipwrecks in the world, the Yenikapı shipwrecks will be sailing back to the Marmara Sea after a year-long 200 year. The Istanbul University Department of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage, which was discovered during the excavations of Marmaray and metro in 2004 and protecting the much better protected shipwreck ships in the world, revealed the most remarkable work of the world of archeology.

9.20 meters long

The replica of the part Yenikapı 12 lik shipwreck, which was unearthed at Theodosius Harbor within the scope of the Yenikapı Excavations at the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, was implemented within the scope of the ius Cross-Border Cooperation Program in the Black Sea Basin X of the Ministry for EU Affairs X LIMEN: Black Sea from the Aegean 'Cultural Ports' was completed within the scope of project activities. The 9.20 meter-long ship, similar to the 2.50 meter-wide ship, was built at the RMK (Rahmi Koç) Shipyard in Tuzla. Head of Department of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage of Istanbul University Dr. Under the supervision of Ufuk Kocabaş Asst. Assoc. Dr. The expert team formed under the chairmanship of Işıl Özsait Kocabaş worked for Yenikapı 12 for two years.

Experts have built

The team, led by Işıl Kocabaş, first made a one-to-one sketch of all the woods of the boat. The construction of the boat, ITU Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Sciences Faculty Member. Dr. Abdi Kükner did. One thousand 200 years ago, which trees are used in the Faculty of Forestry, Faculty Member. Dr. Ünal Akkemik has determined. All experts made an effort to examine the remains of the boat and resemble the original to the finest details. Yenikapı 12 will make its way to the Sea of ​​Marmara in the ninth century. Professor Dr. Ufuk Kocabaş stated that Yenikapı 12 will be exhibited at Istanbul Archeology Museums first and XnumX will go to Marseille for the International Ship and Boat Archeology Symposium next year.

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