4 OSB is being prepared in Kayseri

There is a rapid acceleration in investments in Kayseri. The city is preparing 4 OSB. The investment area of ​​the new OIZ, which will be built on an area of ​​approximately 10 million square meters, was determined together with the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

Located in the city of Kayseri in Turkey's economic locomotive, home to many companies that branding is doing as of today. In this study, we have brought together ürün brand companies kat, which have made significant contributions to the economy of the city without interrupting investments, which stand out in many fields such as value added products and services in the sector. However, the companies that invest in Kayseri and which are branded are not limited to the organizations in this study. In our study, we summarized public and private sector investments on the agenda of the province. We conveyed the future targets of the province, the expectations and suggestions for achieving the targets.

Industrialists take the transformation model into the agenda

Increasing the investment is going to increase the market and create demand. The representatives of the Kayseri business world often exchange views and develop various projects at the point of alış catching up again in exports Kayseri. In addition, industrialists also discuss the transformation model in the field of production. It is foreseen that the joint effort to increase the export of the province will yield its fruits in the coming period.

There are approximately 47 million square meters planned industrial area in Kayseri. Approximately 70 thousand people are employed in three OIZs in the province. 64 of the enterprises in industrial zones are micro, 26 is small, 8 is middle and 2 is large-scale enterprises. According to data iso's from Kayseri 32 thousand firms among Turkey's largest industrial enterprise. Kayseri; furniture, steel doors, food, building materials, plastic ware, machinery, textile, metal industry and mining stands out. On the other hand, with the increase of large-scale investments in Kayseri, which likes to invest based on equity capital, government incentives have become important. Based on the Socio-Economic Development Ranking of Provinces, Kayseri is in the 2 region within the scope of the six-level incentive zone based on the development level of the provinces.

Thousands of 2016 trademark certificates were received at 260

The efforts of investors who try to make Kayseri a 'brand city' in every field from tourism to industry also give results. According to the Turkish Patent Institute 2016 year, Kayseri is ranked as the 320 in the provinces with its 12 brand applications and 260 in the 9 Brand Registration Certificate. 88 patent application was made from Kayseri and 24 patent was registered. The city is also ranked as the 118 in the list of provinces with 70 utility model application and 6 Useful Model Registration Certificate. One of the outstanding issues is the number of design applications applied by Kayseri in 2016. In the city, 4 bin 727 application was made in this area and 4 bin 645 Design Registration Certificate was obtained. Kyaseri took second place in this area after Istanbul.

According to the data of TIM, about 2015 billion dollars export was made in 1.6 from Kayseri. In 2016, while the export of 1.5 billion dollars was realized, the need to revise the 5 billion dollar 2023 year of the province has emerged again. Export figures are now a sign of a promising move. Covering the first half of the 2016 with 756 million dollar export, the city increased its export volume to $ 12 million in the same period of this year. This fuzz is considered to be a sign of getting better.

The companies that invest technology in the 4 OSB

On the other hand, there is a rapid acceleration in investments. The city is preparing 4 OSB. The investment area of ​​the new OIZ, which will be built on an area of ​​approximately 10 million square meters, was determined together with the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. The area where the OIZ will be installed is in a position to attract investors with its proximity to the railway and the ring road. Following the application to the Ministry, the land allocation will start next year. The region is planned to host companies that invest in medium and high technology. 450 investor's future in the region and about 10 thousand people are expected to be employed.

In addition, investments in Kayseri are expected to increase in the automotive sector. As of today, six companies with foreign partners produce spare parts in Kayseri Free Zone. The companies in question, including the 'free land', were established with the advantages provided in the blinds. The trade volume 1 has a location area of ​​6.9 million square meters in the region, reaching a billion dollars. 3.5 million square meters of this area ready for allocation is waiting for the investor. Mehmet Büyüksimitci, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kayseri Chamber of Industry, stated that domestic car should be produced as a fully electric vehicle. We want to make the investment to Kayseri because we have the ability to produce the lithium ion cell which is the main cost element in Kayseri. sağla We have infrastructure investments and qualified workforce to support the aviation and defense industry and domestic automobile production in the city. kent

Fast train coming to the city

One of the investments in the city is railway. Implementation projects for the construction of Ankara-Yerköy and Yerköy-Kayseri sections in accordance with 250 km / h speed and double lines are carried out by the General Directorate of Railways Ports and Airports. Planned Yerköy-Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Project will shorten the travel time between Ankara and Kayseri and commission a high standard railway line. With the realization of the project that is important for the economy of the city, it is aimed to bring the products manufactured in Kayseri to the domestic and foreign markets more easily, and to reach new investment opportunities of the region in many areas, especially in trade and tourism. The budget of the project to be implemented between 2016-2021 2.1 billion pounds is expected to find. 2017 million TL budget has been allocated to the project within the scope of consultancy services for 5. In addition, one of the important investments in the logistics area of ​​Kayseri Boğazköprü Logistics Village. Approximately 511 thousand square meters of the projected area of ​​the village on the move with the current situation of approximately 71 thousand tons / year, the amount of transport, 1.7 million tons / year is expected to rise.

The investments of the metropolitan municipality will create a volume of 5 billion pounds

On the other hand, implementation of master plans in the fields of agriculture, transportation and urban transformation in the agenda of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality will create a volume of 5 billion in the city's economy. The project is planned to be a financial center with the Urban Transformation Master Plan, the project is planned to be £ 1 billion billion, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Anatolia Development Agency in the project will be created with the Agricultural Master Plan 'Beydeğirmeni Bulk Food Zone' will be completed when the investment will be 4 billion pounds. With the Beydeğirmeni Bulk Food Project, which aims to provide a more integrated structure in the production of fattening and meat products, it is aimed to make a total of 1 thousand head animals. With the region 'Animal Husbandry Specialized OSB' to serve the region and Kayseri, the first five cities in the livestock sector will be able to take place.

Furniture City Project is planned for SMEs

40 percent of its furniture production in Turkey Kayseri lives alone. In the province, approximately 30 of the industry is made up of furniture manufacturers. With the ability to mass production facilities with Kayseri, Turkey's central location in the furniture. In addition, the sector representatives are conducting a series of activities in order to enable the producers in Kayseri to operate more effectively in the global market and to increase the brand value in the domestic market. Kayseri Carpenters and Furniture Chamber, Central Anatolia Development Agency and Kocasinan Municipality with the support of the stage, the stage of the Kayseri Furniture City Project is one of them. Room; Bringing together SMEs under the same roof, the Company will contribute to the growth process of its producers, which are open to the public, equipped with technology-equipped Furniture Kent. For the joint use of more than one thousand 500 furniture manufacturers in Kayseri, 9 million 480 thousand euro budget has been allocated for the project, which is expected to establish innovation, foreign trade, market research units and training center. The technical consultancy tender of the project was concluded in 2016 and the consultancy firm started work. The procurement of goods will be finalized this year.

Source : I www.dunya.co


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