Book was distributed to the citizens on the trams for the Kayseri Book Fair

14 to be built by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality between 22-1 October. The book was distributed to the citizens on the trams for the Kayseri Book Fair. Mayor Mustafa Çelik also took the tram and invited the citizens to the Book Fair. Mayor Çelik requested support for the ”Studying City Başkan.
Before the Book Fair, which will be organized by Metropolitan Municipality in Kayseri World Trade Center, trams were introduced. During the night, all vehicles were hung with books and booklets. From the early hours of the morning, passengers greeted the passengers on the trams. Passengers went to schools or work places to read books distributed.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik actively participated in the information about the Book Fair on the trams throughout the day. President Çelik, who went to Düvenönü Stop, was here with passengers. sohbet and waited for the tram for a while and gave the passengers various gifts prepared for the Book Fair.

Getting on the Talas tram at the Düvenönü stop, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Çelik welcomed the passengers with books. Citizens took the books and information booklets in hanging bags and the President steel with sohbet they did. President Çelik, who invited all passengers to the Book Fair one by one, noted that very important authors will participate in the fair.
Stating that they want to make Kayseri the city of reading, President Çelik asked for support from everyone to achieve this goal and stated that the Book Fair is an important work done for this purpose. President Mustafa Çelik traveled on the tram to the Erciyes University stop and traveled with passengers along the route. sohbet He.

President Steel, who descended at Erciyes University, invited the students to the Book Fair by giving them discount coupons that they could use in books and fairs.

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