Last Day in Use of Kart27: 20 October

The transition to the GaziantepKart system continues. In the GaziantepKart Transformation Project, which was launched for many innovations to be brought to transportation services, 700 thousand users have completed their transition to GaziantepKart so far. 100 thousand users continue to use their old Kart27 in the new system. After October 20, it will no longer be possible to refill Kart27s.

The users of GaziantepKart can use their mobile and web applications to make their cards online. They can review the history of loading and usage, and learn the route alternatives for how to travel between two points. While they can see the approximate arrival times of the buses, they can also examine the timetables. Thanks to the virtual card purchased on NFC-enabled mobile devices, it is possible to use the mobile device as a card.

On the other hand; web application It is also possible to download the mobile app from the App Store and Google Play Store.


Smart card and smart ticket sales can be made through the new generation card filling machines installed in 37 point so far in the city, while it is also very practical to install on smart cards. 300 dealer, which provides card filling and sales services, also provides services throughout Gaziantep. It is possible to see these dealers in mobile and web applications. The number of dealers and card fillers continues to increase.


In the transition to the new system, while the card exchange process continues, the development of new features continues. Within this scope, it is aimed to increase the informations that will facilitate the travel of the disabled, and to include all of the city's transportation from one application into the application with the inclusion of the rail system vehicles.

Using credit cards with contactless payment cards will begin in a short time. GaziantepKart system was introduced in museums, zoos and many facilities.

Users who continue to use Kart27 do not have the opportunity to use new features. While making the card exchange, while the full cards can be made from all 300 dealers in the city, the Card Processing Centers established in front of the University serve between 08.00 - 18.00 on weekdays for the exchange of the picture cards. The usage and filling of the remaining balances in Kart27 will continue until October 20. As of October 21st, there will be no balance on Kart27s, and in this process, free exchange of Kart27s with GaziantepKart will continue.




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