Izmit Mehmet Ali Pasha vehicles are blocking the tram

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of the tram in Izmit after a long period of effort.

It did not take long for the people of the city to own the tram, which had been longing for long years. The tram has been operating at full capacity since the first time. Trolley is not yet able to work in this study of car drivers who do not know themselves to operate. The tram line closed some road intersections to vehicle traffic. The vehicles have to choose junction points several hundred meters ahead.

But it does not fit much of this obligation. Drivers do not have a sound control and punishment mechanism throughout the city. Some people go by the tram, some cut the front of the tram and cause intermittent interruption. The last example of this occurred in Izmit Mehmet Ali Pasha. Drivers entered the tramway road to avoid the 100 meter turning point. The vehicles that could not proceed due to the traffic jam caused the trams to stay on the road. No criminal proceedings were imposed on them.

Source : I www.kocaelibarisgazetesi.co



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