A port promise from Minister Elvan to İzmir

EGİADStating that İzmir has a special importance for them at the 75th Aegean Meeting, Elvan said that they have invested 15 billion liras in İzmir in 40 years and said, we continue our projects' he said

The Minister of Development, Lütfi Elvan, who came to Izmir for various openings and meetings,EGİAD) Attended the 75th Aegean Meeting. The opening speech of the meeting EGİAD President Aydın Buğra İlter asked Minister Elvan to 'make İzmir attractive'. EGİAD The Chairman of the Advisory Board, Şükrü Ünlütürk, called for "Support the work of the Izmir Port Rehabilitation Project, which is not progressing because it has been transferred to the Asset Fund". Responding both requests positively, Elvan said, 'In the past 15 years, we have invested 40 billion liras in Izmir. In addition to our ongoing projects, we are ready to do whatever is necessary to make İzmir attractive. As soon as I return to Ankara for the port project, I will meet with the General Manager of TCDD.

'Move with common mind'

A competitive urban identity for İzmir in the future kazanEmphasizing that steps to prevent EGİAD President Aydın Buğra İlter said, 'It is necessary to turn to sectoral strategies considering the world realities. In order for these sectors to contribute to the city and the national economy, it is necessary to attract not only domestic investors but also foreign investors. For a sustainable urban development, an attractive environment must be created by creating a common mind by the state, local administrations, professional organizations and civil society. National and regional development, attracting new investments in İzmir, entrepreneurship and improving the capacity of young people for business life will increase this attraction. '

'Izmir's bond with the port should not be lost'

Drawing attention to the place of İzmir in the Competitiveness of Cities Report prepared last year in his speech EGİAD Şükrü Ünlütürk, Chairman of the Advisory Board and former Vice President of TÜSİAD, said: When we look at the ratio between İzmir's competitiveness and Istanbul, it is seen that Istanbul has opened up in terms of competitiveness. İzmir is in the worst position in its physical infrastructure index. For the Izmir Port and Gulf Rehabilitation Project, this project is being discussed since I have known myself. In 2011, the project was initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD General Directorate. It was planned to be completed in 6.5 years but still continues. There is work to be done for new generation ships to dock at the port. İzmir is a port city, but according to today's picture, we are moving away from being a port city. You need to take action immediately. Izmir's connection with the port should never be lost. Works are not carried out as it has been transferred to the Port Asset Fund. We need your support and contribution in this regard.

'Izmir, Turkey means'

Emphasizing that İzmir has a completely different meaning for them, Elvan said, “There are some cities where their existence is bigger than the meaning of that city. İzmir does not only mean İzmir or the Aegean; Unlike means Turkey with many features. As the government, we tremble over İzmir. Our prime minister has always been at the beginning, from the planning, implementation and follow-up of İzmir investments. It means the development and development of İzmir; Turkey's progress and development is a 'he said.

15 invested annually 40 billion pounds

Noting that there will be no development and development in an environment where there is no competition, Elvan continued as follows: To make the city attractive, it is always necessary to stand behind the competition. What we need to pay attention to here is the comparative advantage of our regions and provinces. If Izmir's superiorities are known, in what areas we can work, we can decide that we can grow this city faster. When we look at the physical infrastructure of İzmir in terms of competitiveness of the cities; we see that we have made a 14 billion lira public investment in this city in the last 15-40 years. But this is not enough. We continue our important projects to make İzmir a real port, industry and logistics city. Our Istanbul-Izmir Motorway, Canakkale Bridge, Ankara-Izmir High Speed ​​Train, Candarli Port and Izmir-Candarli Motorway projects continue. When all this is done, İzmir will be a real attraction.

Port Promise

Responding to the call for the continuation of Izmir Port and Gulf Rehabilitation, Elvan said, 'I saw that there was no clear view of Izmir Port in this city in the years when I was the Ministry of Transport. Whatever our fellow citizens in Izmir want, we do it. The important thing is that the people of Izmir focus on the same goal and have an idea. We all have to work together in Izmir, how we can increase the quality of life, prosperity, and bring the city to a strong position. We are ready and able to do everything for this. I will discuss this issue with the TCDD General Directorate for Izmir Port in the transformation to Ankara. I do not know the latest situation at the port, but I will make the necessary interview, "he said. After the conversations EGİAD President Aydın Buğra İlter gave a plaque to Development Minister Lütfi Elvan for their participation. N Ali Budak

Elvan's message of support to TARKEM

Stating that she also visited the historical Agora Ruins and received information, Elvan concluded her words as follows: Even in the center of İzmir, there is an incredible tourism potential. We told our Governor and Uğur Yüce that we, as the ministry, would give our best support in these areas. We will fulfill our responsibility. to tourism kazanWe will do everything we can to get it fixed. İzmir has an important potential in terms of tourism. Not only this ruin site, but also with other potential tourism points, İzmir will be an important tourism and logistics center. With the completion of infrastructure investments, domestic tourism will revive in İzmir.

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