"Smart City" Move from Izmir

"Izmirnet Project" 245 thousand "Intelligent Traffic System" within the scope of 376 thousand meters of fiber optic cable laying Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey while having the longest fiber-optic network, Izmir's "smart city" has taken very important steps in the target .

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is rapidly moving towards becoming a “smart city İzmir. Izmir Metropolitan Project, which aims to introduce the city as one of the most important centers of the world, has taken the ıt Smart Traffic System iletişim into service with the aim of putting the city one step further.

Turkey's largest network of networks between the underlying infrastructure in the MOBESE system in place and urban izmirnet project, forming 245 thousand meters of fiber optic cable network Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Intelligent Traffic System (ATS) with 376 this network thousand meters of fiber optics cable added more. The length of the fiber optic network of 621 in Izmir was over the highway distance between Izmir and Bolu (608).

Izmir is Turkey's longest fiber optic network with the municipality's "smart city" is not the way of the steps taken by applications that make life easier for Ontario residents and summarized as follows:

Everything is a “click şey away
İzmirNET, designed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, is used in many public services ranging from the development of Smart Traffic Management System (ATS) to the security network MOBESE system, from the Geographical Information System to the information screens, from İzmir's crisis management to the payment of İZSU bills and real estate taxes. İzmirNET is a base for e-municipality, e-government, e-health, e-education projects and infrastructure services such as wired-wireless internet access and voice / video call.

The municipalities and other public institutions in İzmir are connected to each other through this project. Within the scope of the system, the cooperation and coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities is ensured. Even if the citizens who have a complaint or request about a problem in the city apply to the wrong municipality regarding the issue, the system ensures that the question or demand is conveyed to the correct municipality and the citizen will receive a response under all circumstances. Within the scope of İzmirNET project, new cable filming is performed if there is fiber optic infrastructure in line with requests from public institutions and organizations. If there is no, excavation licenses are taken for the new infrastructure and necessary infrastructure is created.

All information in digital environment
The system also allows the fast and efficient sharing of all information in the digital environment between the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the district municipalities. It is also possible to accelerate citizen-oriented services from the payment of water bills and real estate taxes to document follow-up and cemetery information and to ensure instant information exchange between institutions. The system also provides the necessary infrastructure for disaster management and crisis center applications.

5 bin camera and 10 bin smart device
The akıllı Smart Traffic System la, which is a friendly and handicapped-friendly city that will bring order to the city transportation with smart devices, came into operation. The system won the eri best project award l among all the categories at the Intertraffic Fair in Amsterdam last year, and it will facilitate the daily lives of the people of İzmir, in addition to obtaining data that are of great importance for traffic engineering.

In order to form the infrastructure of this giant movement in urban transportation, 165 thousand meters excavation was done in two years. 376 over a million meters of 1 fiber cable was installed.

With the system established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 402 signalized intersections across the city were connected to the adaptive system, and an infrastructure was created that could increase this number to 900 intersections.

1500 bus camera monitoring system, wireless 3G data connection system and passenger counting system were placed. A priority system was installed at the intersections of the 164 fire truck.

All of the car parks operated by İZELMAN were made ği smart İZ. This system allows you to find out how much free space is available in the car parks. Again using the mobile site, you have the chance to learn how to navigate to your nearest car park from your location with the help of navigation.

In addition, “Traffic Monitoring Camera. At 110 point, N Meteorology Measurement System N at 30 point and İzleme Gauge Measurement System N at 16 point. In order to generate traffic density information, 209) Traffic Measurement Sensor Sistem and 48 pieces Ölçüm Variable Message System ör (DMS) and 60 Parking Lot Information Display were activated in order to transfer this information and other traffic information to the drivers. The system is managed with approximately 5 bin cameras and 10 bin smart devices.

The advantages of. Intelligent Traffic System ım include controlling violations of rules, reducing emissions and reducing fuel and spare parts expenditures. The system will provide a more reliable vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as the high efficiency of road capacities. Shortening of travel times, accumulation in intersections and reduced waiting times will be the most important return of the system.

What is Smart City?
Smart cities are defined as urban structures with an advanced city information system, where citizens can benefit from all services through fixed or mobile systems and built on integrated information organization.



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