A person hit by İZBAN train was injured in Gaziemir

Ramazan Güler, 47, who was hit by the IZBAN suburban train in the Gaziemir District of Izmir, was seriously injured.

According to the information obtained, İZBAN train, which is under the direction of İbrahim Bodur with the number 30184 from Tepeköy to Aliağa, hit Ramazan Güler, 100, on the train line, approximately 47 meters after the ESBAŞ stop. The medical teams who came to the scene after the notice made the first treatment to the injured Guler.

It was learned that Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital was removed and Güler, who was reported to be alcoholic, had no life threats.

On the other hand, after the accident, the train's trainee Bodur, was called to the police station to take his statement.

About half an hour due to an accident due to the departure of train services returned to normal.



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