Suicide in İZBAN! Threw himself on the rails

Nurettin Konyalıoğlu, 30, between the Running and Revolt stop of İZBAN, which has an important place in İzmir transportation, committed suicide by jumping on the tracks.

It occurred 100 meters from İZBAN Running Station. The mechanic of the İZBAN train, who made the Selçuk-Aliağa expedition, saw a man walking on the rails towards the train as he approached his stop. Despite the sudden braking of the machinist, this person walking on the tracks remained under the train. The train driver reported the situation to the health and police teams. The medical teams who came upon the notice determined that the person whose name appeared to be Nurettin Konyalıoğlu died.

He said that Konyalıoğlu was on the tracks despite the warning of the security guard at the station and that he was throwing himself under the train. Konyalıoğlu's dead body, whose cause of suicide is not yet known, was removed to the Izmir Forensic Medicine Morgue for an autopsy after the prosecutor's investigation.

Due to suicide, the voyages were made in one way for a while. After the removal of the corpse of the corridor returned to normal.



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