International Electric Rail Transportation Systems Symposium Started at Esogü

Eskişehir Osmangazi University and TMMOB Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO) started the International Electric Rail Transport Systems Symposium (ERUSİS 2017) in cooperation with Eskişehir Branch.

Speaking at the opening of the two-day symposium EMO Eskişehir Branch President Hakan Tuna, this year for the first time this year in cooperation with a university and internationally, the event said that the University Rectorate thanked. In the symposium, Hakan Tuna aims to provide a faster, more efficient, more traceable, technologically advanced railway transportation in which the railroaders changed their administrative, visual and understanding. road, signaling, how to provide local input in Turkey for the entry of vehicles and the railway sector in Turkey said they want to talk about how to move forward. supporting the symposium and labor that Hakan thank everyone Danube, of the passage of the effectiveness of the words productive and domain expanded rail system will contribute to the development of Turkey finished wishing to lead to other symposiums.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Symposium Dr. Osman Parlaktuna, the symposium instead of call speakers, the referees were organized as a presentation of the proceedings, he said. Rector of our university Dr. Prof. Dr. Hasan Gönen, who thanked to all the people and institutions who supported the process of organizing the symposium. Dr. Osman Parlaktuna, wished an efficient symposium.

EMO Chairman Hussein leader, said that an important crossroads of Eskisehir, Turkey's railway network; noted that Eskişehir is the right place for the organization of such a symposium as it hosts the universities that provide undergraduate and graduate education about rail systems, TÜLOMSAŞ which produces locomotives and also the research and industrial establishments operating in the field of rail systems. Hüseyin Önder stated that population growth, human health and climate changes in the developing world necessitated a more comprehensive view of the transportation. Therefore, today, especially the developed countries have reduced the share of highways in transportation due to environmental problems and global climate changes. said that they produced policies and implemented them. Today and in the future rail indicating that can not be denied that the need for systems Hussein leader, therefore rail infrastructure tools for the development of railways in Turkey and giving support to be produced by local manufacturers of vehicles, the industry further strengthened and stated that it is essential for the establishment of an effective education system. Hüseyin Önder stated that he believes the symposium will produce useful outcomes for both his colleagues and our country.

TMMOB Board Member Cengiz Göltaş said that developing electric rail transport systems between cities and cities would mean producing healthy solutions for the benefit of the public in transportation. Transition to the methods of efficient use of energy in transportation has become compulsory Cengiz Göltaş, railway transportation in this respect is more advantageous than other types of transportation, he said. Cengiz Göltaş also pointed out the necessity of preparing a transportation plan based on healthy data for our country and stated that even if many of the countries in the world have a transportation master plan, there is no real transportation master plan of our country. Cengiz Göltaş stated that they have the pleasure of fulfilling their duties with a public responsibility through the symposium, in the development of electric rail transportation systems in our country and in the promotion of the public with an effective information.

Odunpazarı Mayor Av. Kazim Kurt stated that as local administrations, they are directly related to the development of rail systems in urban transportation and stated that they would follow the results of the symposium in this respect. Hunting. Kazım Kurt wished the symposium to bring useful results to everyone.

Rector of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Dr. Hasan Gönen, the rapid increase in urbanization and industrialization in our country and the increase in the population of cities due to reasons such as the problem of transportation is growing day by day, he said. The increase in the number of motor vehicles accompanied by heavy environmental problems, such as air and noise pollution Prof. Dr. said. Dr. Hasan Gönen, therefore, needed faster, safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly alternative transportation systems, he said. Emphasizing that the investments in transportation are the high-cost investments that have long-term effects, Prof.Dr. Dr. For this reason, Hasan Gönen said that it is important to determine the priorities for such projects and to use the limited economic resources in the most effective way. Professor Dr. Hasan Gönen said that at this point rail systems will be the most preferred transportation systems in the future as they bring modern, fast, comfortable, safe and environmental solutions to different population densities and transportation demands from small-scale cities to metropolises. Reminding that the railway has an important place in Eskişehir city culture. Dr. Hasan Gönen, the city has to develop the experience of this issue with the support of innovation expansion, he said. Professor Dr. Hasan Gönen, within the framework of the principle of, From Knowledge to Value to the Future ler, contributed to the transformation of the scientific potential of Eskişehir Osmangazi University to the industry by converting the scientific potential to economic value and directing the firms in our region to R & D and innovation studies, stated that they took place within their goals. Professor Dr. Hasan Gonen, for this reason, as well as the cooperation between the university and the industry, as well as the Institute of Science at the Institute of Rail Systems Division of the rapidly developing sector to continue to provide training for the qualified labor force, he said. Prof.Dr. Dr. Hasan Gönen wished a useful and efficient symposium. The symposium ended with presentations by Michael Staber from Siemens and the chairman of the Board of Directors Kenan Işık from Savronik A.Ş.

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