ICE has gone 25 miles between wagons

A passenger who put his luggage on the high-speed train in Germany, suddenly climbed into the wagon upon the closing of the doors, 25 km. gone.

An interesting incident took place in Bielefeld, Germany. The passenger, who put his luggage in ICE, panicked after the doors closed suddenly and the train moved. Instead of notifying the authorities and taking their luggage at the next station, he suddenly climbed on the train and traveled exactly 25 km on the train.

This dangerous journey, which took place at 350:6 am in ICE, the speed of which was up to 38 km, ended without the loss of life thanks to the attention of other passengers in the train.

When other passengers informed the mechanic on the subject, the mechanic stabilized his speed at 160 km, and the passenger holding it between the two wagons could survive until the first station. It was noted that the passenger was Romanian and did not speak German or English.

In the statement made by Deutsche Bahn, it was stated that the passenger survived by chance, and it was stated that it would not be possible to complete this journey at 250 degrees on the train that would reach 10 km if the other passengers did not notice. DB sözcüSü, stating that 250 thousand baggage per year is forgotten on trains, “In such cases, authorities should be informed. "We are experts in finding lost luggage."

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