Güvenpark Dolmuş Stops, to be taken underground

Since Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek has always supported the tradesmen of the minibus, he said, az What can we do to the tradesmen of the minibus? You all take Ankara from one side to another. I hope that we will work with the future administration in the best way as it does with other administrations. ”

Chairman Gökçek, who came to the podium among the cheers at the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Ankara Chamber of Minibuses and Craftsmen held at the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, started his speech and wished that the elections to be held would be beneficial.


1994 in the year when the candidate for mayor, minibus craftsman who suffered from the record of the ordeal that attracts the Mayor Gökçek, "Praise be to God that day is over today and so far with the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara dolmuşçu artisans, always continues as a friend," he said. President Gökçek said:

“Stop money has increased as much as cigarette-match money, so to speak. Think of all the minibisçü in Turkey. Compare their stall money with yours. Yours is absent. It's a money we've received since gele. This makes it very clear that we look at the dolmuş tradesman.

I worked with different chamber presidents. Your chamber presidents changed from time to time, but I made 10 out of 9 requests of the minibus shop tradesmen, and the reason we did not do 1 of them is that you couldn't get along with the public bus drivers, you couldn't get along with the taxi drivers, you couldn't get along with the ELVs, so we didn't. I've always said 'get along, I'll always gladly do the rest'. Now I make the same commitment, as long as I am here as mayor, whenever you bring me such requests, demands, you have a place on my head. Because your comfort, the comfort of Ankara ... "

“The number of minibuses remained constant”

As the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the most important support they provide to minibuses is not to increase the number of minibuses, Mayor Gökçek said, “I am the mayor of 23 for years, I have not increased the number of 1. So the value of your minibuses has increased from 1.5 to 3 trillion, and it is nice to have halal. ”

President Gokcek, card system does not intend to fall into the dolmusu trades who do not want to pass said.


Gokcek also gave information about the road, station and parking lot projects started in Ankara and said:

“If God grants, we are doing a great job at 2, we have started 1. We started the parking lot in Hacı Bayram. On the upper floor there will be the Museum of Sacred Relics and Science, on the lower floor there will be parking and on top of it the floor of the 2 minivan. We're gonna take passengers down on one floor and get on the other. If God grants, we will be finished to the end of 2018. Then the minibus tradesman will breathe very seriously, already auspicious good luck. ”


Mayor Gökçek stated that he dreamed that the Güvenpark minibus stop should be taken underground since he was the mayor and said, “Whenever I make a decision from the municipal council, either Çankaya Municipality or Chamber of Architects went, took a decision from the court and canceled it. There was a net cancellation two times ”and summarized the negativities experienced.

Mayor Gökçek noted that the Keçiören Metro was coming under the Red Crescent Güvenpark and said, dolayısıyla A pit of approximately 36 meters will be excavated due to the stop to be made here. Ready to dig this pit at the bottom of the subway after the stop, without filling, let's make the dolmus stop. I hope we will continue the construction after the metro stop is over, and I hope that we will take you underground and provide you with a more civilized service. I hope it will be the most recent history ”he continued.


Giving information about the road projects, Mayor Gökçek said, “Finally, we have completed the underpass in Hüseyin Gazi, which will bring a serious convenience for those who work in Karapürçek. We opened the traffic from below, we arrange the top. If it is good, it will be at your service within 15 days-1 month as completely finished ”.

Gökçek stated that they will make 2018 underpasses to Samsun Road in 3 and make it completely transit, and 2 underpasses will be built in Sincan.


The most important new road scheme they will make, Bilkent City Hospital will be the new road to overcome the shortage of traffic after the opening and will make an investment here about 700 million President Gökçek, said:

“We enter METU next to Bilkent Hospital, and connect to İncek Boulevard next to the Gendarmerie. If God wills, we will pass by Çetin Establishments and connect it to Mogan Park. If Allah permits, we will finish it in 6-8 months. Within 4 months, there will be connections up to 4.5 km of Incek. It will be a parallel road to Konya Road and it will take the burden of Ankara incredibly.

Latter; We are building a 1071 km tunnel under METU in order to connect the currently built City Hospital to Malazgirt 2,1 Boulevard. "

When Mayor Gökçek became the mayor, he reminded that Ankara was only connected to Eskişehir Road and Istanbul roads in the east-west direction and that this caused great trouble, and that they expanded these roads 2 floors, then they built İncek, Sabancı and Ankara boulevards, He explained that they opened the parallel West Boulevard with 5 underpasses and as a result they opened 6 connection roads in the east-west direction.

Mayor Gökçek pointed out that they opened an Anatolian Boulevard and Şaşmaz in the north-south direction, but they were not enough.

“Therefore, if God wills, we connect Eskişehir Road to Sabancı Boulevard and from there to Ankara Boulevard at 2 points within the scope of Bilkent City Hospital. Therefore, the number of connections in the north-south direction will be 2 more in addition to Anadolu Boulevard and Şaşmaz. It will relieve Ankara traffic incredibly. Maybe you will pass through some of these lines and you will not pass through some of them, but your job will be easier because the lines are dispersed, we will finish it by the end of next year if God wills.


Only in 2016, as the Metropolitan Municipality in Ankara, 1600 km and 400 kilometers of the village road, 1200 kilometers of the boulevard and avenue, indicating that the President Gökçek, said:

“Ankara is growing. When I became the mayor, there were 350 thousand vehicles in Ankara, currently 1 million 900 thousand. There are 300 million 2 thousand vehicles in traffic, with 200 thousand vehicles circulating in Ankara with the plates of other provinces. Think about the traffic in the past, you would wait 45 minutes in front of the TGNA. The number of vehicles has increased 7 times, but now you are waiting there for a maximum of 5 minutes, at peak hour ...

Hopefully, with these new ways, traffic will become more comfortable. If God grants to us, there is a boulevard that we are building from Armored Units to Bağlıca, hopefully we will open it up to 1-1,5 months. ”


At the end of his words, Mayor Gökçek wished that the election results of the Minibus Chamber of Craftsmen would be beneficial and said, az No matter what we do to the tradesman of Minibus, you are all taking Ankara from one side to the other. After that, I hope we will work with the future administration as well as other administrations in the best way. But I have a request from you; A group of you will be chosen, so don't let the others put your heart in it. Tomorrow you're going to look face to face, and I say whatever friendly atmosphere there is, it should continue. Let's not break our brotherhood, let's continue our brotherhood, ”he concluded.

Günceleme: 19/12/2018 16:26

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