Secretary General Bayram made it easier for tram tradesmen

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General İlhan Bayram met with the shopkeepers of Bekirpaşa. General Secretary İlhan Bayram, as well as Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altay, Metropolitan Municipality General Coordinator Veysel Özkaraaslan, Chairman Consultant Ömer Polat, Mehmet Ali Paşa District Headman Yaşar Doğan, attended many neighborhood tradesmen.

You have confused our CADDEMI

Ali Yilmaz, a local shopkeepers organized the meeting, the province spoke as Ali Yilmaz. In his speech, Yılmaz thanked the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and desi Mehmet Ali Paşa Mahallesi as the shopkeepers in Bağdat Street. and thank you very much for the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. "said.


Later, Mehmet Ali Pasha District Headman Yasar Dogan said. Doğan said, al I have to remind you of something in the name of our neighborhood. After years, we have a very comprehensive mobilization campaign in our neighborhood. Trolley infrastructure and superstructure is visible until the work is done. We would like to thank the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for this purpose. Rainwater channel project is being made for the first time in our neighborhood. "said.


Then, Secretary General İlhan Bayram said, ızı After being the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, we are meeting our first trades meeting with you here today. Our job is to serve you. Our problem is to serve our country. In doing so, it is very important to get your thoughts together with you. Mehmet Ali Pasha District has a special place in us. Every neighborhood is important to us. Our neighborhood is changing the face of our projects. We got our tram. Now comes our closed market area. Our tram has a capacity of 30 thousand passengers per day. This means that our investments are correct. The tram made it easy for you. City traffic is relieved. He won a beautiful view of the city. Kent


He continued, ağ We will not come to you once and do not stop by. We'il all be together. We'il have time for each other. We'il see more beautiful things. We're trying to make our people more useful. We are not different from you. After all, I am a village boy, with you. We never had a different view to our citizen. We will always be together with you all the time. I would like to thank our tradesmen for your hospitality today. "said.



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