Minister Arslan: "Silk Railway Will Be Revived Uninterruptedly"

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Projectne ilişkin, "İnşallah Kars30 with the liberation of Octoberde o tren KarsA will be. A history will be written, Silk Railway will be revived without interruption. ” said.

Minister Arslan, Kars Harakani Airport, Kars Governor Rahmi Doğan, Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, Provincial Police Chief Ümit Bitirik, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Osman Kılıç, AK Party Provincial President Adem Çalkın and the parties were welcomed.

Arslan, Highways 18. Kars-Selim highway distinction made by the Directorate of the region examined the site of the Kötek found.

Arslan, said in a statement here, Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry as describing the work they do anywhere in Turkey, "We have undertaken important work in transportation in Turkey. As in our other ministries, there is a mobilization in the transportation sector, which is indispensable for the development of our country, the increase of the welfare level of our people and the growth of the economy, industry and industry. We have done a lot in this mobilization. ” he spoke.

76 province is connected by divided roads

Emphasizing that they do a lot for the country to be accessible and accessible, Arslan continued:

“In the past, only 6 provinces were connected by a divided road, while today 76 provinces are connected by a divided road. Hopefully, in 2019, we are making all 81 provinces connected by split ways. While doing this, we increased the comfort of driving with hot asphalt and enabled our drivers and passengers to be comfortable. While we have increased 6 thousand 100 kilometers on divided roads over 25 thousand 500 kilometers in the past, we have increased 8 thousand 500 kilometers on hot asphalt to 21 thousand 500 kilometers as of today. Our goal is to make nearly a thousand kilometers of divided roads every year and to make hot asphalt around 2 thousand kilometers. Within the framework of these goals, our friends work day and night in 81 thousand square kilometers in 780 provinces. ”

After the examination, Minister Arslan went to Kars Governorship and visited Governor Rahmi Doğan in his office and received information about the city.

Baku-Tbilisi Kars Railway Project

Arslan stated that the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway project, which will be put into service at the end of the month, is an important project not only for Kars, but for the country, “There were two obstacles in front of a train leaving from London to Beijing without interruption. It was to connect Europe with the railroad under the sea, we did it. The second link was a missing part between Kars and Georgia Ahılkelek, and work on this has been completed. ” used expressions.

Stating that the test drive of the mentioned railway was successfully carried out, Arslan said, “We made trials in July and September. On September 27, we arrived uninterruptedly from Tbilisi to Kars. There will be a transfer station in Ahılkelek, we just came there with a train change, the tests continue very successfully. On October 30, with the participation of our President, the presidents of Azerbaijan and Georgia, we will start the first official train journey from Baku. Hopefully, the train will arrive in Kars on October 30, the salvation of Kars. A history has really been written and the Silk Railway will be revived without interruption. ” found the assessment.

Arslan pointed out the importance of the project and concluded that:

“As much as the importance of the Silk Road is important for the countries on these routes, this Iron Silk Road will also create serious added value to our countries and region on the route. It will help to revive the economy of this place and to reach the target markets of the products. So this project is very, very important. ”



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