Electric Rail Transportation Systems Symposium (ERUSİS 2017)

Turkey's Railway Transport of large development posed about, in order to stimulate domestic and reflections from abroad agenda, 27-28 October 2017 date in Electric Railway Transportation Systems Symposium (ERUSİS 2017) will be held as an international for the first time.

Symposium Topics are

• Rail System Technologies
• Rail System Infrastructure
• Signaling
• Human resources
• Testing and Certification
• Intelligent Transportation Systems
• Maintenance and Automation
• Simulation
• Safety Management Systems
• Energy Modeling and Management

In the Traditional ERUSIS Event, which is attended by many companies in the public and private sector producing products and services in the Rail Systems Sector and by the executives of NGOs, this year, it is expected that the company executives as well as all the researchers in the sector from abroad will also participate.

Detailed information about the event from the web page .



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