World's Longest Cable Car

Bursa, the tourism cake to get the desired share of a great attack. 10 increased by 5 over the years

Bursa, one of the most special cities of all times from its historical and cultural heritage to its natural beauties, added value in tourism with the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality. kazanwas. The Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on nature tourism with its Uludağ, lakes, waterfalls and plateaus, aims to make Bursa a brand city in sea tourism with the coastal planning projects it has implemented in the region from Mudanya to Gemlik and Karacabey Bosphorus.

Uludağ, one of Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter + also receive a share of the municipality's services to rain. With the re-planning, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the sewage, drinking water and storm water lines. The gazebo of the Metropolitan Municipality has been the focus of attention of local and foreign tourists both in order to watch Bursa and to look over the mountain slopes and the city. On the other hand, one of the prominent projects of the Metropolitan Municipality has been the new ropeway. The new ropeway, which reached the Hotel Zone after the Teferrüç and Sarıalan line, was the longest non-direct cableway line in the world with a line length of approximately 9 kilometers. In order to make Bursa a more accessible and more livable city, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken an important step in the project which will facilitate the transportation of the cable car to Gökçere to Teferrüç station. A protocol was signed between Gökdere Metro Station and Teferrüç for the aim of completing the 22 year.

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