Denizli, Turkey and the world "Modern Garatr that"

Tahir Öztürk, an entrepreneur from Denizli produces tramways under the brand name altında Garatren yurt with a renewable energy system and markets them in Turkey and abroad.

President of Denizli Chamber of Commerce, Uğur Erdoğan, said, tram These trams provide significant contributions to the economy of the province and the country. We will continue to be next to our enterprises that produce and employ employment istihdam.
President Erdogan, Denizli Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors together with Ali Onal and Kemal Tuncer Ozturk Electricity owner Tahir Öztürk visited.

Ozturk, domestic and abroad, "Garatr that" saying they carried out productions with the brand, the following information about the tram they produce for the first time in Düzce in Turkey was passed: "What we are designed by blending technology with product nostalgia is produced in order to get the maximum benefit with minimum energy. 15 part of the energy required by the solar panels on the cover. In this way, our renewable energy source can benefit from the sun itself can produce its own energy. It also supports battery charging with regenerative energy, which converts kinetic energy to electrical energy when braking. In case the battery is discharged, diesel fuel is activated in order to prevent the tram from going off the road.

The tram is 21 passenger capacity, but this number can be removed up to 50 Öztürk said, N The tramway is controllable in both directions. Thanks to the sensors located in front of any people or vehicles, the tram stops automatically by reducing its speed. The vehicle speed is designed as 15 km / h for safe driving. The tramway road is also on the road level so as not to obstruct the pedestrian and vehicle passage. Our product range is increasing day by day. London Bus, cordless child train, cordless carriage, Ladybug, fire car and panda train with both domestic and United States, Britain, Albania, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and We are sending to Turkmenistan. Türkmen

Stating that Denizli is always at the forefront with its entrepreneurial structure, President Uğur Erdoğan said, “Our province attracts attention with its production in many different sectors even though it is in the foreground with textile and apparel. One of them is the tram and children's battery powered vehicles produced under the name of Garatren. I congratulate our business owner Tahir Öztürk. Duzce in Turkey for the first time produced a wonderful tram. The combination of nostalgia and technology has been a great work. Also supported by renewable energy, this tram contributes to provincial and national economy. This tram, which is the pride of Denizli, is an exemplary project that can be applied not only in Düzce but also in other provinces, especially our province. Denizli

As the Chamber of Commerce of Denizli, President Erdoğan stated that they are beside producing and providing employment, er As the room, we organize trainings for the training of new entrepreneurs and we will continue these trainings. Our businesses are important to us. For this reason, we continue our visits. We will continue to provide support to our enterprises that produce, provide employment and contribute to our country's economy Oda.

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