Tender of Decovil Line to be Taken from Belgrade Forest Canceled

It was revealed that the train line of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was canceled by the Municipality of Belgrade. Although the justification for cancellation is shown as a conflict with the Cendere Regulatory Project, everyone knows and knows that a train line through the heart of the Belgrade forest will cause serious damage in the forest, regardless of the route. This cancellation was a correct step, and now the Northern Forests need to be precisely protected from the construction capital that wants to expand north of Istanbul, so that Istanbul has a future. All new transportation lines and new zoning area projects in and around the Northern Forests need to be canceled.

1 February 2017 date, 'Haliç - Kemerburgaz Dekovil Line Construction Work' under the name of the tender, in the first place in the heart of Belt Forest in the heart of Belgrad Forest Ayvadbendi; For the next stages, which were said to have been shelved for the time being, it was aimed to build a train line extending to the Black Sea coast to Ağaçlı and Yovankoru, which would further divide the Belgrade forest and lead to the massacre of the forest. Although it is claimed that this train line was made for nostalgic purposes, it was obvious that the train was planned to undertake the transportation needs of the Göktürk, Kemerburgaz and Mithatpaşa settlements in terms of its capacity and frequency.

However, this auction was canceled on 4 months ago, and this was not announced to anyone. In the cancellation decision of the Haliç - Kemerburgaz Dekovil Line Construction Work, it is stated that the route passed by the decovil line coincides with the esi Cendere Dere Arrangement Project ında and therefore it is seen that the construction of the line is not possible without the completion of the regulation project. It is stated that the implementation of the project in its current form would result in the cancellation of the tender because it could result in the effective and efficient use of resources.

However, in the cancellation decision, ip It was determined that it was appropriate to start the decovil line following the completion of the Cendere Yolu Road Project Ancak. The possibility of taking the Dekovil line back into the agenda, that is, the possibility of massacre in the jungle, is even abject.

The esi Dekovil Line il railway project, which will divide the last part of the Belgrad Forest, which will cut the last part of the forest, and which will slaughter thousands of trees, is a project that will destroy the Belgrade Forest, which is already surrounded by mega projects, although it is called nostalgic tourism. In order to claim the Belgrad Forest, one of the last natural forest areas of Istanbul, the project of the decovil line must be completely shelved.

We demand that a train line passing through the heart of the forest will openly be accepted by the public and that the decovil line will be permanently canceled on this basis, no matter what the route will lead to the destruction of the forest and will lead to further division of the forest.

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