CHP Substitute: Atatürk Airport Land Should Be "Atatürk City Park"

CHP Istanbul Deputy Asst. Assoc. Dr. The press release regarding the project of Gülay Yedekci as Atatürk Airport Land to be “Atatürk City Park” is as follows:

Istanbulites want Atatürk Airport Land to be “Atatürk City Park”

In a statement made by the government, after the opening of the third airport, it was said that Atatürk Airport was thought to be used as an area where small airplanes could land and where fair organizations could be organized. However, this statement is expressed in the social media shares of our citizens who are not convincing due to the policy of plundering the green areas applied by the power and opening to zoning, and expresses the desire that the land of Atatürk Airport should be a city park.

Our city needs breathing

While the rate of green areas recommended by the World Health Organization is at least 9 per capita, the green area per capita in Istanbul is seen as 2.2 square meter even according to its own data. This rate is decreasing day by day after the news of the unopened green areas opening to zoning. The lungs of our city are being dismantled due to reconstruction rent and Istanbul is left without breath.

I invite the power to listen to the voice of Istanbulers, not to the love of rent.

A city park, which will be a lung for the city which is being converted into concrete, should be established and green reinforcement areas should be formed in this area where families can spend time with peace, pleasure and confidence.

Atatürk Airport Land should be “Atatürk City Park”

Atatürk Airport Land is 4 times the size of Central Park, which is defined as the city park that frees people in urban life. Connecting continents, geographies, civilizations and the history of civilization, “Atatürk City Park” should be established in Istanbul, the largest smart library in the world. This library should be named Atatürk Civilization Library / Atatürk Civilization Library. By attracting the attention of young people with science, software, space, technology laboratories, a unique nature, sports and science field should be offered to our youth, the architect of our future with its environment, unique vegetation and green space. Istanbul deserves Atatürk City Park and Atatürk Civilizations Library!

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