CHP's Doğan carried the metrobus ordeal of Istanbulites to Parliament

CHP Istanbul deputy Selina Dogan, Küçükçekmece, a car in the metrobus line as a result of the accident in the 3 person injured and E5 road traffic on a stop in a written press release about the arrival.

In a fast, comfortable and reliable means of transportation, he added that the metrobus, which was put into service of Istanbulites in the 2007, has become the Doğan çilesi ın of the residents of Istanbul. Even the smallest accident that took place in the metrobus line, where many people lost their lives and was wounded, can even paralyze Istanbul's traffic and cause thousands of people to become victims. Çok

Reminding the incident that occurred today, Doğan insisted that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's professional chambers, universities and non-governmental organizations insist not to listen to their warnings on the issue.


. Based on the rail system and in coordination with it, buses, minibuses and maritime transport should be organized while Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is trying to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul with temporary solutions such as metrobus.

The problem of metrobus in Istanbul, 21 June 2016 date, and the Minister of the Parliament on the agenda of the Parliament, and I had written a request to respond to the request of the Minister of Transport. The fact that they do not even respond to this proposal is an indication of the sensitivity of the mentality governing Istanbul to the problems.

Should you die?

Istanbul city administration; together with the professional chambers, universities and non-governmental organizations, they should discuss the transportation problem of Istanbul and save Istanbulites from the toplum metrobus itel ordeal.

There should be an urgent solution to the problem of metrobus, which has become a chronic suffering of Istanbulites. How many accidents do you have to find a solution, how many more people have to die?



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