Çakır's "Logistics Village" Response

Turan Çakır, Deputy Chairman of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council, who answered a question about the reactions in the "Logistics Village" at the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Meeting, said, "1-2 people think, 'Will we get a bread out of this? We do not want this polemic to continue, ”he said.

The Metropolitan Municipal Council Meeting was held in the Metropolitan Municipality Provincial Assembly Meeting Hall under the chairmanship of Turan Çakır, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Çakır, who responded to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality CHP Council Member Hatice Sönmez Güneş, who asked why the citizens reacted to the “Logistics Village Project” for pasture land in Tekkeköy, said, “At the point of objection of the citizens, Two people replied, perhaps politically, or economically, "Can we get a bread out of this?"


Stating that the Logistics Village Project started 3 years ago, Turan Çakır said, “It is a project realized with the support of the European Union grant, reaching approximately 50 million Euros with additional grants. We expect it to be put into service by next January. It is done in Tekkeköy in the place we call Aşağıçinik. Part of the land where it was built was pasture land. A few of our citizens there, in fact many of our citizens, who cannot exceed the fingers of one hand, object to this. They took this to court. Decisions were taken in the court that would not prevent the construction from continuing. Citizens who disagree object to keep it as pasture. But this is a big project of Samsun. 95 percent is finished. 4 or 5. Logistics Village Project in Turkey this. State Railways will also draw a railway line there. The objection point of the citizens is that one or two people there think that "will we get a bread out of this business?" We do not want this polemic to continue. We want the rate to be put into service as soon as possible ”.



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