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Trabzon's problems The workshop on “Trabzon's yesterday, today, tomorrow Ort organized by Ortahisar Municipality has ended.

The two-day workshop focused on the past, present and future of the Trabzon economy (Historical Silk Road Animation), education and employment (the contribution of the education sector and business cooperation to employment), tourism and family and youth issues. Ortahisar Municipality's Ort Historical Silk Road Revitalization Project pro, which will be realized in Famagusta Strait, was emphasized with its contribution to tourism. The questions were answered by the speakers, especially the traffic problem voiced by the audience, the southern ring road, the Kanuni Boulevard, the tourist guide who knew the foreign language, the lack of railway and social facilities. The final declaration of the workshop will be made into a booklet by the speakers.


Speaking about the railway project in Trabzon, Mustafa Yaylalı, Civil Engineers President, said, ilgili Trabzon, 4 has a history of a thousand years. There are cultural and artistic events in the world that are not in Europe. They come through trading. Trabzon-Erzincan railway project will be a project that will add to the life of Trabzon. Trabzon is actually the port city where the trade is focused. We are trying to connect the Trabzon port to the south. The trade route of Iran and Middle East countries passes through our city. The rail link will provide both cheaper and shorter trade flows. We will be able to compete with the countries in the region with Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. In the neighboring countries with rail connections today, goods shipment costs less. When the rail link to compete with them became essential, it was imperative. Atatürk said that he wanted to do this in Trabzon. Things separate from freight and passenger transportation. We need to connect to Erzincan for freight transportation. Trabzon is the center of this region. As Trabzon develops, the surrounding cities will also develop. If the economy also falls, the economy of the surrounding cities will also fall. Ekonom


President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union, which draws Trabzon as the first in the region in exports, said Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan. We are the first in the regional cities. Turkey's exports in the first sector of fresh vegetables and Trabzon. The new trade route started from the Netherlands to China, but we are not. We had problems after the Russian crisis. We went over the Caspian Sea. 1-1 day ships stayed there when it was wave. No one bought Chinese goods when the Turkish goods were released in Kazakhstan. Kazakh people do not leave us in China, they say. They want to exhibit their goods in Turkey in Kazakhstan. We need to improve our ports. should come logistic law in Turkey. "he said.


Prof.Dr. Dr. Cemal Bıyık stated that besides the other trade goods, there is the transfer of energy resources such as natural gas and oil through the Silk Road. In İpekyolu is a commercial way. It has contributed to the interaction of various cultures and civilizations with each other and the development of trade. Roads are the vessels that allow people to spread on earth. There were two ways to unite civilizations. Silk Road and Spice way. We will stand on the Silk Road. We see Turkey on the passage of this road. It is divided into two branches in Turkey. One reaches Trabzon and the other reaches Istanbul. At that time, the ship was trading. We had our fixes in Trabzon and we asked the old people. They said they knew the way to the caravan. We have identified 9 places in our province which is mentioned by İpekyolu. İpekyolu carried trade, science and culture to Trabzon. The Silk Road is not just trading goods, but the oil flowing nowadays is natural gas. Trabzon is not an agricultural city. Trade center. These roads can give life to Trabzon again, can bring vitality. The Silk Road is a legacy for us. İp

The restoration of 2015 started in September with the question of restoration of Sumela Manasıtır for Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ali Ayvazoğlu. Currently the restoration continues. In 2018 year, we will be present to our visitors and our people again. As for the Vazelon Monastery, this monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in our city, which is idle in the city. It is a monastery that was built in the 230 of AD from the Mildew. We have included it in the 2018 Investment Program. Hopefully in 2018 we will start the restoration work of our convent. I want to give her good news. If we come to Nemlioğlu Mansion. This mansion is a registered cultural heritage. But the Ministry of Culture is not responsible for our Ministry. It is not in our understanding that it has been allocated to the National Education for its use by its heirs. This host is indeed a cultural value, we have presented the work to be done to our governor on the subject of heritage protection. In 2018 or 2019 years, we plan to take it. "told.

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