Veto of Bursa Metropolitan's Ro-Ro project!

The people of Mudania, who have been struggling for months regarding the Ro-Ro Port project planned by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Ketendere, Yalıçiftlik Mahallesi, won the legal battle.

Bursa 1st Administrative Court ruled for the suspension of execution on the grounds that the parliamentary decision of the Metropolitan Municipality regarding the port complex project was incompatible with the public interest and the law. Stating that they have made a promise to the people of Mudanya that they will protect the history, nature and agricultural areas of Mudanya, President Hayri Türkyılmaz said, “Mudanya will be a tourism city”.

Ketendere Ro-Ro Port Project, one of the projects that brought the Metropolitan Municipality and Mudanya Municipality face to face, received a veto from the judiciary. Mudanya Municipality, CHP Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu, CHP Bursa Provincial Chair Şadi Özdemir, Bursa Bar Association, academic chambers affiliated to TMMOB, DOĞADER and non-governmental organizations besides, the action for stay of execution filed by the citizen individually was concluded. In the case held at the Bursa 1st Administrative Court, a decision to stay of execution was issued for the Ketendere Ro-Ro Port project on the grounds that it was not in accordance with the public interest and law.


Stating that they have promised that they will prevent the establishment of a port in Ketendere at any cost, Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz underlined that the region should be used for tourism purposes. Reminding that without any infrastructure of the project, which is so important, affecting the future of the city, without consulting non-governmental organizations, scientists, academic chambers and the public, Türkyılmaz said, "I did it, it was done, it was done." We took office by saying that we will protect their fields and that Mudanya will never be an industrial city, we have projects that value tourism and agriculture. We will not let them blacken Mudanya's future. We will do whatever it takes to show our determination. I am proud and thankful that everyone has shown this kind of behavior for Mudanya, one of the most beautiful districts in the world ”.


Institutions affiliated to TMMOB claimed in the petition that detailed analyzes were made that the Ro-Ro port was against the master plan of 1/100 thousand and Mudanya, which is the constitution of the city. In the 1 / 25-scale Mudanya Master Development Plan, the court stated that the port area was surrounded by Special Crop Areas, Agricultural Areas and Afforestation Area, and the facility to be built would damage the region. In the petition, which was noted that the entire perimeter of the area foreseen for the use of the port is surrounded by areas that need to be protected such as agricultural land and olive groves, it was clearly seen that these areas will disappear and agriculture and olive cultivation in the region will be completely finished, considering the environmental pressure to be created by the investment.


Deciding that the proposed plan amendment was produced in violation of the 1/100 thousand scale Environmental Plan and the 1/25 thousand scale Mudanya Planning Area Master Plan, Plan notes, “According to the project, the construction of a port complex that will create a fill area of ​​127 hectares is subject to litigation. It will enable the region to become a logistics center, that a facility of this quality will cause development pressure in the agricultural areas in the region with 13 OIZs and the Istanbul-Bursa İzmir Highway and other connection roads, and will damage the historical character of the region as well as the agricultural quality, It has been concluded that the archaeological site in the region designated as the Archaeological Site will be destroyed, it is against the Coastal Law, the plan change is far from creating a holistic urban space setting, and that the plan amendment is not in line with the planning principles, urban planning principles, public interest and law. .

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