Where did the Bursa-Ankara high-speed train line go?

CHP Bursa deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayisoglu, 23 2011 December 96'da The Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project reports of the Court of Accounts' 15 of the contract price used, XNUMX of the work has been completed, "he said.

Altaca Kayışoğlu, the Minister of Transport, Ahmet Arslan on the nobility of the CHP group, speaking on behalf of the CHP Deputy Chairman, Istanbul Deputy Aykut Erdoğdu'nun Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project also opened a special brackets, Bursa is very important for this issue said that once again, "Deputy Chairman of the Court of Accounts quoted by the Court in 2016 that the year of completion in the seat of the Ministry of Transport sitting in the seat of the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in the year of the start of the train by the people of Bursa start 2016 'he said. However, reports from the Court of Accounts show that the allowance for the High Speed ​​Train Project to be completed in 2016 has been completed with a percentage of 15 before the end of 96. Where did this money go? How was it used? They have the right to know them, göster he reacted.

Governor Munir Karaloğlu, who was assigned to Antalya from Bursa, pointed out earlier CHP Bursa deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu, ış Governor of Antalya, said in a statement of the YHT Project 350 million trillion of the wasted, in the middle of the tunnel he said it wouldn't work. Despite the fact that we have given many questions to the present, we have not heard a voice from the power, despite the fact that we have the right to know what the fate of the High Speed ​​Train Project is at the Assembly General Assembly. One more time? Where is the 2016 used for this project, which has been announced to be finished in 96, but has nothing but tunnels so far? Who used it? Who went into this pocket? When the three ministers to be finished at 2016 will be given the high-speed train, which is heralded to the locals in Ankara, will arrive in Ankara? The people of Bursa have the right to know this Bur. Source: itti Where did the Bursa-Ankara high-speed train allowance go? Kaynak

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  1. Where will he go to; They made an incorrectly projected airport, which was still wrong and not used much by the people of Bursal. Then, in order to alleviate this mistake, I guessed the line of YHT to pass through the political pressures of the deputies of the Yenişehir and Osmaneli districts and to provide fast transportation to the airport. What happened was ad not calculating the account they were hiding? Giz they hit a dig with a project.

  2. But math and nature did not forgive. % 15 of money is finished before the job ends 85%. However, the airport should be located in Bursa Karacabey-Mustafakemalpaşa-Susurluk near the province of Balıkesir province should be at the point. Thus, it would be a regional project that would solve the problem of transportation at a provincial level (BANDIRMA) used in both provinces. Kütahya-Afyon-Uşak. YHT Bursa from the almost population of Bursa to Inegol should be made, this should be connected to the Bozüyük HHT station.

  3. In such a situation, YHT could be connected to the existing Bandırma-Balıkesir DY in the airport as it would be on the airport and now on the highway route, and even this road could be brought to HT standards between Bandırma and Balıkesir and reached YHT both Bandırma and Balıkesir. I thought with this in my mind why it was effective and the authorities did not think. I'll tell you because the digging was hit in Balikesir MHP Bandırma CHP was. I couldn't find Karacabey and Mustafakemalpasa. You would say we didn't do it. Yes you did not do it for izmir-manisa fishesir people have made it to reach here.