BURBAK is ready for season in Uludağ

BURBAK, which is the solution to the parking problem in Uludağ, accelerated its activities in order to raise the bar for the service it provided last year.

Last year, the problem of parked in Uludag, 3 giant parking area with the solution to find the burden of BURBAK, has already started to work to raise the bar. Osmangazi District Governor Zafer Orhan, Uludağ National Park Director Ozan Hacıalioğlu and BURBAK Operations Manager Salih Şimşek and Technical Manager Ahmet Şener went to Uludağ and examined the arrangements made on site.

BURBAK Operations Manager Salih Simsek, the last year of the parking garage in Uludag, stating that the history of the monument said, ün BURBAK in the center of the city, we provide high quality parking services to all areas of Bursa are working to spread. For this reason, we started to work in the last year to solve the problem in Uludağ as in the neighboring districts and hand in hand with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and 2. We have provided 800 vehicles in front of the cable car station in the Hotels Region, 400 vehicles in the area next to the Hotels Mosque and 200 parking lot on the Alkoçlar Hotel. We are also in Uludağ to consult on what we can put on this service this year. We will meet all the shortcomings we observe and meet the winter season. Gözlem