Minister Arslan "Railway Investments Continuing Quickly in Sakarya"

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan's article titled “Railway Investments in Sakarya Continues Rapidly” was published in the October issue of Raillife magazine.


Turkey's need to renew the existing railway lines all over the world as well as adding new lines xnumx'inc of European rail freight rose xnumx'nc in the high-speed train operator in've come a very serious distance. We are currently operating a thousand 8 high-speed train lines, and high-speed train and high-speed train construction continues at about 6 thousand kilometers. In addition to this, 213 continues to work on a high-speed train and high-speed train line near a thousand kilometers, and a project for the preparation of the project is almost underway in the context of a railway mobilization. The point where the country comes from is proud but we know that there is more distance to be taken.

While connecting with every part of the country with iron nets and making efforts to get the country more share in railway transportation, it should also be manufactured with domestic production in all kinds of equipment and vehicles to be used in this sector. Our increasing rail investment, the adoption of national manufacturing policy has the desired high local content in public tenders of the railway industry in Turkey and contribute to the development of the industry. We are making serious production in our factories in Sakarya, Sivas and Eskişehir about manufacturing railway vehicles.

Now we produce all the equipment used in the railway sector by ourselves. We are working to produce our high-speed trains by ourselves. In particular, electrical and aluminum bodied national and doing local train on the Mr. President of our instructions, we began work built within the framework of the studies that the Prime Minister launched, we are conducting and when these studies are finished'll now make its national railway Turkey. We produce railway vehicles in sets at the Tüvasaş Facilities in Sakarya, 4 and 3, to serve regional transport. Up to now 35 set, 4 tool as a vehicle with 140 was delivered to TCDD transportation.

This production will be completed by the end of next year. 30 percent local contribution, which, until now, no longer will be entirely made in Turkey condition of obtaining the license as of the end coming. We have taken a significant distance to get rid of foreign dependency, do import and export in local rather than import. With these works, we will be able to make more exports while meeting the needs in our country.



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