Baghdad Hotel Used as a Guesthouse by TCDD to Konya Kazanshould be called

The historical Baghdad Hotel, which is the most different building of Konya in terms of architecture, is used as a guest house by the state railways. With the new station coming into service, this historical building is now in Konya. kazanneeds to be lifted.

Konya is the first European hotel in the years when it was built and brought to the historical Baghdad Hotel in Konya tourism when the curiosity will serve.

Built in 1895 and shown as one of the most luxurious hotels in the country in those years, this historical building also hosted important meetings. The historical hotel, which was used as a headquarters and a hospital during the War of Independence, has been serving as a guest house for many years. In the guesthouse, which provides service with 8 employees, approximately 1 thousand people are hosted in 9 year. The historical hotel, which is a building that can make an important contribution to Konya tourism, kazanNo work has been done to date. Konya, which has a target of 2023 million tourists for 10, needs to evaluate all its full-fledged values. A new and modern YHT station is being built in the old wheat market area. With the new station planned to be put into service in 2018, this historical building is also in Konya. kazanappears to be important.

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