B-70 Pre-tensioned concrete front

B-70 Pre-tensioned concrete front

Article 1 - Information on the business owner

1.1. The owner of the business administration;

a) Name: TCDD 5.

b) Address: Station Street TCDD 5 District Directorate 44080 / MALATYA

c) Phone number: 0 422 2124800 / 4118

d) Fax number: 0 422 2124816

e) E-mail address: 5bolgemalzeme@tcdd.gov.tr

f) Name and surname of the relevant personnel: UMSerhat KAYA- Tel: 4201

1.2. Tenderers may obtain information about the tender by contacting the personnel from the above addresses and numbers.

Article 2- Information on the subject of the tender

Goods subject to the tender;

a) Name: Muratbağı-Palu İst. Between 25.000 Pieces B-70 Front tensioner concrete front

b) JCC registration number: 2017 / 542170

c) Amount and type: Muratbağı-Palu İst. Between 25.000 Pieces B-70 Front tensioner concrete front
d) Place of delivery: Muratbağı-Palu İst. 15 for use in road renovation 25.000 units B-70 In the pre-tensioned front pull-down concrete traverses; The delivery time is 60 days following the signing of the contract. B70 concrete sleepers, which have been completed and delivered, will be delivered to 57 Road Maintenance Repair Directorate / Muratbağı (Elazığ) station. Loading and unloading of the sleepers from the factory to the Muratbağı station belongs to the contractor (included in the offer price). If the transport is done by railroad and railways, the length of the cross members will be carried out by TCDD. The contractor is responsible for any damage that may occur during loading, shipping and downloading (if the contractor downloads).

e) Other information: specified in the Technical Specifications.

Article 3-Tender Information

Information on the tender;

a) Tender procedure: TCDD 3 / g Open tender under 15 clause

b) The address of the tender will be TCDD 5. Kat Meeting Room Ozalper Mah. Station Cad. No: 2 1 Yeşilyurt / MALATYA

c) Tender date: 14 / 11 / 2017

d) Tender time: 14: 00

e) Tender commission meeting place: TCDD 5 Regional Directorate 2. Kat Meeting Room Ozalper Mah. Station Cad. No: 1 44080 Yeşilyurt / MALATYA


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