Minister Arslan: "Two-Way Fee Will Not Be Charged On FSM Bridge"

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, NTV live broadcast found the evaluations of the agenda. Arslan, who explained the criticism of the guarantee charges in the bridge crossings, also denied the claim of bidirectional wages in FSM bridge

With the 2018 budget, Arslan answered the question that more than 3,6% of the budget deficit target was allocated for vehicle pass guarantees for bridges and highways and that more than 5 percent of the budget deficit target was caused by these guarantees, and said, “In order to stay on the prudent side and to meet possible payments next year. , an allowance of 3.6 billion Turkish Liras is envisaged for all such build-operate-transfer projects in the investment program. This was set so that when the figures we need to pay arising from the guarantee in all build-operate-transfer projects came out, there would be no deficiencies, we could make the payment. " said.


Arslan also shared statistics on guarantees in bridge crossings, stating that the payments arising from the guarantee are not surprising at the moment, and that the government's money at the end of the 3rd year is not surprising. kazanHe said he will start yeast. Arslan used the following expressions:

“At the Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osman Gazi Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, their initial feasibility showed that. After these projects are opened, they will gradually be at the bottom, and then the guarantee figures will be reached in about 3 years.

Let's talk for the Eurasia Tunnel. When we opened it in 2016 last year, an average of 20 thousand vehicles were passing by. Approximately 50 thousand vehicles pass by this year. Our guarantee is 68 thousand. If we look at the rate of increase, the next year will surely exceed the guarantee figure before its 3rd year, and 30 percent of the money will remain with the state. There is no surprise here, we already knew from the beginning that we would pay within the first 3 years. "


“The guarantee number on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is 137 thousand. Currently, more than 80 thousand vehicles pass by on average per day. and this showed that we will be like this in the first 3 years in feasibility, then we will exceed the guarantee figure. There are more vehicle passages than predicted for feasibility.

At the end of the year we take the average of 365 days and calculate them accordingly. I'm not missing the company. The whole year is collected and the average is calculated.

On the Osman Gazi Bridge, the figure, which was 15-16 thousand last year, is around 21 thousand this year, the end of the year will be released again, and the averages will be calculated and paid on it. Since it is a very polemical subject, let me give a few more numbers from Osman Gazi.

If no vehicle passes on the roads up to Osman Gazi and Izmir, the annual guarantee we will pay is 730 million dollars. We finished the motorway until Bursa, and we will have finished the Bursa-Izmir region by the end of 2018 and it will contribute to the growth of 18 provinces on this route and will create additional traffic. "


“We made free passage on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. We made traffic flow easier. We established the TAK system in the opposite direction. We established it for security purposes, and we victimized the Istanbulites for 27-28 days.

We put it into service the previous day. This is a system established for security purposes. This is definitely not a transaction for two-way pricing. "

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